Justin Bieber: ‘Boyfriend’ Video Premiere!

Justin Bieber finally premieres the video for his latest single “Boyfriend!” The track serves as the lead single off his new album, Believe, due out June 19. The video helmed by Director X sees the young superstar partying it up at a big rooftop party, driving around, and getting cozy with a Selena Gomez look-a-like. Nice cars, girls, young love, its all you would expect from a Bieber video. It’s definitely a little more grown-up than anything he has released so far but nothing too extreme. Es cute and I totally got *NSYNCGirlfriend” vibes from it. What do you guys think?

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  1. Mike

    boring…… the beginning sequence was the only good part! unfortunately majority of the video was a snoozer…

  2. Andrew

    very boring. loved the beginning sequence more than anything in the video…made it seem like the video was going to be big and expensive however very lackluster

  3. Cameron2010

    Im kinda confused on the whole reason behind the beginning scene….rest of the video was boringggg

  4. 90210

    LOVE IT!! Perfect for the summer! and I can just hear my actor friends telling me they were in the video and that they’re friends with him!! so LA!! haha luv it

  5. SCC

    Yeah I agree with the above comments. The first 30 seconds were the only good parts. We were led to believe from the promos that the whole video would be like that, but the first 30 seconds was a major fake-out and the “real” boring video then began and it was awkward and not anything special like the beginning of the video.

  6. Ryan "Fucqua" smith

    Was he making fun of him in the beginning. I was watching it then when it started again was all like oh sweet he’s gonna debut his whole new swag…

    Serious… That’s his new swag… Yuck.

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