Cheryl Cole: ‘Call My Name’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Cheryl Cole‘s new single “Call My Name!” The Calvin Harris-produced track serves as the first official single off her third studio album, A Million Lights, due out in the UK on June 18. The video for the single was shot in downtown Los Angeles by Anthony Mandler and is everything I hoped it would be. We got a hot looking Cheryl serving some fierce choreography and flawless beauty shots. There’s not much of a story line to this one but it’s not really missed either. Cheryl is simply stunning. What do you guys think?


  1. MEL

    Freaking Flawless!!!! This song has already been playing in Florida. I hope that means Chezza is coming to the US! The choreography was excellent; I think we even see a little bit of a Michael Jackson tribute in the end with a couple moves. The only thing I would knock are some of the camera angles and that bright light that occasionally popped up, but besides that it’s a great effort from her!

  2. mr.bouzou

    Cooool!!! She always looks flawless and the song grew on me… 😀 Too bad it’s time for WHYB to shine… xD

  3. Justin

    Yes, because pulling a cigarette out of a thugs mouth in Downtown LA will result in a dancing session.
    Shes incredibly attractive but this song is no Parachute, Stand Up or Fight For This Love.

    I love Calvin Harris but unfortunately he’s fallen into the trap of reusing synths. I just feel its been hurt before and if it wasn’t for a pretty face, no one would actually like it.

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