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Cheryl Cole: ‘Call My Name’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Cheryl Cole‘s new single “Call My Name!” The Calvin Harris-produced track serves as the first official single off her third studio album, A Million Lights, due out in the UK on June 18. The video for the single was shot in downtown Los Angeles by Anthony Mandler and is everything I hoped it would be. We got a hot looking Cheryl serving some fierce choreography and flawless beauty shots. There’s not much of a story line to this one but it’s not really missed either. Cheryl is simply stunning. What do you guys think?


  • MEL

    Freaking Flawless!!!! This song has already been playing in Florida. I hope that means Chezza is coming to the US! The choreography was excellent; I think we even see a little bit of a Michael Jackson tribute in the end with a couple moves. The only thing I would knock are some of the camera angles and that bright light that occasionally popped up, but besides that it’s a great effort from her!

  • mr.bouzou

    Cooool!!! She always looks flawless and the song grew on me… 😀 Too bad it’s time for WHYB to shine… xD

  • Justin

    Yes, because pulling a cigarette out of a thugs mouth in Downtown LA will result in a dancing session.
    Shes incredibly attractive but this song is no Parachute, Stand Up or Fight For This Love.

    I love Calvin Harris but unfortunately he’s fallen into the trap of reusing synths. I just feel its been hurt before and if it wasn’t for a pretty face, no one would actually like it.

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