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Cher Lloyd: ‘Want U Back’ U.S. Video Premiere!

Check out the new U.S. video for Cher Lloyd‘s latest single “Want U Back!” The track will serve as Cher‘s debut U.S. single from her debut album Sticks + Stones due out stateside later this year. The alternate video is basically just a uninspired, toned down version of the original video. We still get to see Cher being young, cute, and fun but its all just a bit boring. The good news is that this version doesn’t feature X Factor USA contestant, Astro. Happy to finally see Cher make her way here. What do you guys think?

Cher Lloyd will officially release “Want U Back” in the U.S. on May 22nd!



  1. I actually prefer this video to the original. Not only did this one not have Astro (yay!) but it just… seemed to be more FUN!!!

  2. funny the day before cheryl <3

  3. i agree… this version is better than the original + no Astro = golden!

  4. the “urgh” sounds she does is repetatively annoying.

  5. Is that the same diner that The Saturdays used for 30 days?

  6. I think the original is better.. Except for the fact that Astro was in the original.. Lol.. But the other one seemed so much more natural n well-made.. N Cher seemed more likable too..

  7. I like the concept of the U.K version a little more but this ones cute too. Love Cher!

  8. I like the original video much better, but it’s still cute and funny! 🙂

  9. Very Annoying girl, exactly like her mentor Cheryl. I hope a flop here

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