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Eva Simons: ‘I Don’t Like You’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Eva Simons‘ latest song “I Don’t Like You!” The track serves as the lead single off her debut album due out later this year. The video sees a stylish Eva waiting outside of her boyfriend’s house with her gal pals, only to see him to leave with another girl. DRAMA! Eva takes her aggression out on his house and its all a lot of fun from there. I still think the song is a complete smash so hopefully it is properly promoted. What do you guys think?

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  • DAMO

    Lame, dance sound is OLD and TIRED and her hair is a pathetic attempt to be cool but looks like a dog turd on her ballhead.

  • CG Girl

    Ditto with Damo, don’t mean to sound cruel, but this is generic as dance music gets. I don’t want to move my body or join in with her, and heR hair looks pretty scary. It seems she did this look to get attention, rather than it genuinely being a style that she likes to rock.

  • benners

    videos a bit blah but i really like the song! i think this will do very well here in australia “take over control” was a mega mega smash here and eva has great vocals i can completely see me and my friends dancing to this at 1 in the morning!!! she just needs promo and a harder remix ie the nicky romeo remix

  • kevin

    I really think she has the potential to be big , if only she get’s the proper promotion! She has had delay after delay with her album. I hope 2012 is finally the album release and she smashes hard! I liked Silly Boy, and Take Over which was a mega EDM smash! This song is real catchy,love her style,and her vocals and the production is on fire,Major props to Eva and Zedd!

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