Nicki Minaj: ‘Starships’ Video Premiere!

Nicki Minaj finally premieres the video for “Starships!” The track is the lead single from her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, available in stores now. The Anthony Mandler-directed video was filmed in Hawaii and is basically just a big budget version of Heidi Montag‘s critically acclaimed “Higher” video. Nicki arrives in a spaceship wearing nothing but a pink bikini and just dances around like a video hoe. I get the whole fun aspect of it but I’m just not here for any of it. Mess. Judge it for yourselves though and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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  1. Steven W.

    I was literally about to write: ” Heidi Montag – Higher take II ” when I saw you already figured. Love the song, hate the video 🙂

  2. Jey

    I love your Heidi Montag comment because that’s EXACTLY what I thought of when I saw the first 10 seconds of the verse.

  3. james

    It’s cute, reminds me of Hedi Montage/Paris Hilton music videos. One of Nicki’s worst music videos but very cute. Wish the story line was stronger. lol.

  4. Jonathan

    I love how you guys are comparing Nicki to irrelevant artist in the music industry….you guys are acting like they the only two people who can splash in water and play in the damn sand like let it go seriously ….

  5. 3ric19

    You know what…. I enjoyed it! She looked like she was having fun and as long as she’s happy and being Nicki I usually love it! Ain’t judge, just enjoy! (;

  6. ISAAC

    i actually love it! i love the editing and effects. it works for the song and makes me want to keep watching it till the end. the only part i didnt like was the ending, couldve been biggger.

  7. dave

    I was expecting a lot more, after she said this would maybe be her best Video yet.
    I even think the Video for “Check it out” is better than this.

  8. kcforever316

    I like the song, but the video is really bad. ’80’s crappy porn’ style bad.
    Sorry, did’t work for me.

  9. Terrence

    I’m not a fan of the song so much, but I thought this video was FRESH! I definitely loved the editing and kaleidoscope effects. Probably the best video I’ve seen by her. Ya’ll can hate, but your negativity isn’t going to bring her down.

  10. Andrew

    I enjoyed it! Much more than Heidi Montag’s piece of crap. Come on? Comparing it to Heidi Montag is stupid. I saw atleast somewhat of a point to this video, rather with Heidi. Not the best right! But Not at all at the same calibur as Heidi. WAY BETTER.

  11. Omari

    She’s more of a comedian to me than anything. I brought Pink Friday but i think thats the last album i’d by from her. She’s better as a feature artist cause I can’t stand watching her for more than 45 seconds. She’s cool though , not hating.

    1. Caine Donovan

      They are Maori dancers… definitely because they are performing the “haka” which is also performed before all New Zealand (mens) sporting events “ka mate ka mate”

      1. Philip Mason

        Nonsense. This is clearly shot in Hawaii. The backdrop is volcanic mountains. This scenery does not exist in New Zealand. Anyone who has visited Hawaii will know there is a cultural center where dancers perform a variety of items drawn from all over the Pacific, including the New Zealand Maori Haka. These dancers do not have Maori tattoos. And the Haka is not performed before all New Zealand mens sporting events as claimed. It is best known for its use before rugby test matches.

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