Lana Del Rey: ‘Blue Jeans’ Remix with Azealia Banks!

The much talked about collaboration is finally here! Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks team up for the just released Smims and Belle remix of “Blue Jeans.” If you’re expecting the original track with just an added verse from Azealia, think again. The Smims and Belle remix is a completely re-worked electro infused take on the record. It’s definitely not mind blowing or anything but it’s pretty good and will keep you on your feet. I’m hoping these two have more in store for us. What do you guys think?

Blue Jeans (Smims & Belle Extended Remix)


    1. Andrew

      If you think they ruined it, then just listen to the original!I for one love the original, but I also think that a dance version like this has a time and place.

  1. Daniel

    NOW THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF A REMIX!! Azealia and Lana are complete opposite artists, yet this track blends their contrasting sounds brilliantly. The electronic production makes Blue Jeans stand out even more than the original, even though the original is captivating. This track is brilliant!

    1. Rochio

      – magnifique ! la puce est tre8s belle, si soitranue ! et ce lieu, je ne connais pas, va falloir aller y jeter un oeil ! merci pour cette belle de9couverte en meame temps !28 mars 2011 19 h 47 min

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