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First Listen: Carrie Underwood ‘Blown Away’

Check out the premiere of Carrie Underwood‘s latest song “Blown Away!” The track serves as the second official single from her fourth studio album also titled Blown Away due out May 1st. Just last week we got the chance to hear clips of every track on the album and now iTunes is having an exclusive free stream of the entire album. Blown Away is classic Underwood but it also features material that is much different from anything on her previous efforts. The title track “Blown Away” really sets the tone for the rest of the record and may be one of the best songs she has ever recorded. What do you guys think?

Listen to Carrie Underwood’s fourth studio album “Blown Away” on iTunes NOW!



  1. This track is amazing! This is going to be Underwood’s Year, can’t wait for album to drop!

  2. amazing
    bombastic vocal

  3. Sounds great, but I need a few more listens! Can’t wait for the album! Quite excited!

  4. I loved Blown Away and Two Black Cadellacs, but I feel the rest of the album just isn’t as good as her past 3 albums. Those albums were nothing but amazing. I am wondering what track will serve as the new Last Name/Before He Cheats/Cowboy Casanova song. Those are always her best tracks!

  5. The entire album is AMAZING. This track is definitely one of my favorites… SOOOOO GOOD.

  6. This one gave me the chills! Loves It!

  7. That pre-chorus. *bow*

    This song is amazing.

  8. “Blown Away” is a good track and I’m glad it’s her second single but I’m really loving “Two Black Cadillacs!”

  9. Two Black Cadillas = love.

  10. I absolutely love this. I haven’t been able to take it off repeat!

  11. This song is honestly the best Carrie has ever done!

  12. i really like Carrie, but blown away sounds like shes trying to copy Florence & The Machine a bit.

  13. How is this close to Florence & the Machine? I personally think this might be one of Carries best album up to date. There is a bit of everything we love about Carrie on this album with even a new sound which I love. This album is going to sky rocket on the charts, no doubt about it

  14. I love this album, especially “Two Black Cadillacs”. Album has leaked, btw.

    1. album hasn’t preview in its entirety on iTunes as a prep for it’s release! Tuesday can’t come any faster!

      1. Im not talking about the 128 kbps-stream on Tuesday, a popular release day, does come faster to shops. For logistic reasons, they are being supplied a few days in advance. And some friendly employees upload for the impatient crowd. Search, and you will find.

  15. I’m generally a pop dance fan and I love this album! She has so much talent, emotion, and power in her voice no matter, what kind of music fan you are, anyone would love this album! It is worth purchasing the $ 11.99!

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