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Aubrey O’Day: ‘Wrecking Ball’

Aubrey O’Day finally delivers new music with “Wrecking Ball“! It’s been over a year since the 28-year-old singer and former Danity Kane member released her solo debut track “Automatic” and we’re just now getting the new single. “Wrecking Ball” was co-written by American Idol alum Pia Toscano and was produced by David Hodge, who is responsible for Kelly Clarkson‘s hit “Because Of You“. Instead of releasing an obvious upbeat dance-pop track, Aubrey takes things serious with a good old fashioned power-pop ballad. We have never heard Aubrey sound this good and even though the song does sound a little dated, it is a solid track. With Aubrey currently kicking ass as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, the timing couldn’t be any better. What do you guys think?

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Wrecking Ball


  • James

    First off, After watching her on CA’s I dislike her. She thinks she is more famous and talented than how she really is. this track just proves how untalented she really is.

    The track is not orginal, special or something you would remember. There is too much production. Aubrey, your fired.

    • Marcus

      @james More like, ‘You’re fired’ for bad spelling.

      But she still proves she has a great voice. Haters gonna hate.

      • James

        Really? That’s all you have to say? I find it funny, when people dislike someone/song/film, people say “haters gonna hate” How about, the BITCH just sucks at her job.

        You take yourself far too serious. Aubrey, is not an artist, her music is NOT good. She can’t compare to other artist doing the same music. Aubrey had to over layer her voice with so much production to cover up the lack of talent.

        Marcus, your the real hater, haters going to hate. Get a life.

  • Michal

    I wish her only the best, but this song isn’t strong enough to make her a star 🙁 I wish she had a #1 hit and proved to that mean Diddy that she can do it without him!!

  • Eric

    Although we can’t blame her for the song since she didn’t write or produce it, the song isn’t bad but I prefer her pop-dance stuff better. Her voice sounds great though.
    As to her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, she’s actually doing better than I thought she would. So good for her 🙂 Besides if they’re only keeping her on for drama, that’s Trump’s fault, not hers.

  • TrumpIsGod

    Boring. Pop music clone. The high fructose corn syrup of music. Nice job picking a title that is Springsteen’s new album. Someone’s been asleep at the wheel with O’Day’s career. Celebrity Apprentice got her from the D-list to the C-list, but that will blow over soon. She’s a reality star with plastic surgery, average talent, and a lack of willpower at the dining table. She’s racing towards 30, which is not good for all but the top-tier talent.

    If you hyper-produce her voice in the studio, she sounds ok, and apply lots of effects/airbrushing for video/photography, she looks decent, even sexy. When it’s done poorly, she sounds mediocre and looks like a tranny.

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