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Adam Lambert: ‘Trespassing’ Album Sampler!

Adam Lambert is just under a month away from releasing his anticipated sophomore album Trespassing on May 15th. The 30-year-old American Idol alum has been teasing fans with clips for weeks and has just released his brand-new single “Never Close Our Eyes“. While we wait for track to start taking off, here we have clips of every track included on the standard edition of the album. With production credits featuring: Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars, and much more, the record will undeniably be well worth the wait. From the clips, Trespassing already sounds eclectic, cohesive, confident, and overall a big improvement from Adam‘s debut. Can’t wait! What do you guys think?

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1. Trespassing 2. Cuckoo 3. Shady (feat. Nile Rodgers & Sam Sparro) 4. Never Close Our Eyes 5. Kickin In 6. Naked Love 7. Pop That Lock 8. Better Than I Know Myself 9. Broken English 10. Underneath 11. Chokehold 12. Outlaws of Love


  • kevin

    Very 70’s Disco Funk and 80’s Dance Synthpop. Kickin In- very The Neptunes circa 2000-2002.Pop That Lock- what a fucking fierce club banger!I was hoping we,d geet previews as well for:Runnin,Take Back, and Nirvana.Underneath,Chokehold,and Outlaws Of love are all classic Pop-Rock Adam. Broken English gives me teas of something off Madonna’s Ray Of Light Album.This album judging by the previews I heard several potenitial future hit singles:Pop That Lock,Cuckoo,Tresspassing,and Kickin In.

  • Alex

    Some of these tracks are going to have to grow on me but overall the album is hot and poppin’. I really hope Naked Love is released as a single at some point.

  • sizzling

    Great sampler! I like the concept of Adam showing us his light and dark side in an honest, fresh and cohesive approach!! There is no song I don’t like, but immediate standouts for me are Trespassing, Shady, Chokehold, and Broken English. I think “Trespassing” holds a good number of potential future singles including Cuckoo, Pop That Lock, and Naked Love. This sophomore effort definitely seems like a major step up in the right direction for Adam Lambert! I hope people will open their minds and ears!

  • lissygurl

    love love love the samples, omg Shady, Kickin In and Never Close Our Eyes are ruling my life, and Underneath breaks my heart, can’t wait for the whole album!

  • ACE

    Shady sounds like a Scissor Sisters song…

    OLIGEE is the best producer on this album it seems. Future pop producer. Cuckoo is off the chain.

  • mo

    This man’s voice is amazing, he could sing anything and it would sound great. What amazes me is to think that one person can come up with so much good stuff. Just his voice on ‘Outlaws of Love’ brought tears to my eyes – never mind the lyrics. Can’t wait for the album!

  • MamaKath

    Hey Michael, thought you dropped off the map. Looking forward to your review and two cents on the record when it drops. Of the clips we’ve gotten so far, I’m lovin’ it. First time I’ve heard dub-step in current pop that’s not just put in a song to be there. These beats are genuine to the composition, cohesive and fill it out. There’s something in the chorus of Broken English that is real familiar from a song from the early 80’s. I know I’m gonna wake up some morning and the title of the song will hit me. But all in all, there’s a lot of stuff here that is either radio and/or club friendly. He’s got his power ballads. I think he did a great job. It’s definitely not suffering from the multiple personality disorder of FYE but things on that album had to happen…mainly Adam connecting with Sam Sparro because Voodoo was my favorite track from FYE and Shady will be my summer jam this year.

  • D!

    I prefer this album compare to his debut (I have some favorite tracks off that album)! ultimately he is an absolute great singer, his voice has a distinct characteristic, so nomatter whose production of a track is, he stands out no matter what. I have one critic tho.. his first single is actually the weakest in the album and the last two tracks are not standing out.

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