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Adam Lambert: ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Single Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Adam Lambert‘s brand-new track “Never Close Our Eyes!” The track will serve as the second official single off his sophomore album, Trespassing, due out May 15th! The upbeat new single was co-written and produced by none other than Bruno Mars and master hit-maker Dr. Luke and should serve as the proper track to rule the airwaves for Adam. “Never Close Our Eyes” lets Adam‘s powerhouse vocals shine through the massive pop melody and crisp production. It’s been crafted to perfection. What do you guys think?

BUY Adam Lambert’s new single “Never Close Our Eyes” on iTunes NOW!


  • Oliver

    I love it..! Really great song.. Hopefully it gets a lot of airplay on radio.. But I think I kinda agree about the cover.. Not a huge fan of it, but it’s not too bad..

  • bLaine kelley

    Nothing Revolutionary or Fresh.
    sounds like a B-side…a step up from the first fLop of a single he released back in winter, but this doesn’t hold a fLame to his 3 “FYE” singles

  • Joe

    I really like this guy. ever since his idol days ive been a fan. the song is decent. as far as the cover goes, its covers like this that remind me why i make my own covers for 8/10 new albums that come out. and i use photoshop to make mine but they dont look cheap.

  • kevin

    Really catchy song and perfect to dance to! Summer 2012 anthem for sure! Adam’s vocals are on fire and Dr.Luke came up with a real hot,fierce,and catchy dancable beat! Definite hit song!The vocals give me teas of Chris Issak’s Wicked Game(the quieter vocals)

  • Kozo

    Please don’t pirate Adam’s work! The single will be out on iTunes April 17th.. please BUY and support the artist so they can keep making their art which we all enjoy!

    Love this song and how Adam’s amazing voice soars over the driving beat!

  • George

    The song is GREAT! I’m hooked after the first 30 seconds. THIS is what he should have released for the first song to advertise the new album.

    They’re right, he needs to get someone fresh to do his album covers.

    Those complaing about the download need to LEAVE. We’ve enjoyed this blog for years and don’t need any complainers. Some of us DO support the artist.

  • sizzling

    Love it! Great song for radio! However, I like some of the edgier songs on the album (which leaked yesterday) even better! From what I have heard, Adam’s sophomore album is definitely a major step up and more “Now”.

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