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Jessie J: ‘Laserlight’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Jessie J‘s latest single “Laserlight” featuring David Guetta! The track serves as the third and final U.S single from her debut album, Who You Are, in stores now. After the big success of “Domino“, it makes sense why Jessie decided to release “Laserlight“. It comes just in time for summer and fits in right along with all the other dancier tracks on the radio. I actually prefer “Repeat” featured on David‘s album, Nothing But The Beat. The video lacks a storyline but it’s nice to see Jessie in toned down looks. What do you guys think?

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    • kevin

      This is like a Titanium Part 2 , David Guetta could have came up with more of a original beat. The song still is good , catchy,and perfect to dance to! I think on her 2nd album will see alot more dance-pop and electro-pop tracks! She really sounds good vocally on dance songs:Repeat.Domino,and Laserlight.She looks real sexy in the video!This and Domino could of both been Katy Perry songs. Jessie needs to find her own idenity she has talent but she needs to stop trying to be the next Katy/Rihanna/etc.She’s had some sucess in the US,but I think the 2nd album will make her a SUPERSTAR IN THE US!

  • Steven Cirronella

    Does anyone else here think that the backing track during the intro and the verses of “laserlight” remind them of the backing track of “One Song Glory” from Rent? It really reminded me of it a lot. 🙂 Just wanted to see if anyone else thought of that while hearing the song. 😉

    • Missy

      That is the same thing I thought the moment I heard both songs. I guess only Rentheads would get it, lol, but I too thought of One Song Glory right away. Ahh, I miss that play.

  • Topher

    Yeah I like this song. I don’t think it’s fair to compare her and Katy. Two different leagues of voices. Jessie J is a SINGER!!! Katy, while a good artist and I do like her music, is not a vocalist by any sense of the words.

  • Justin

    kinda bummed she’s not going to release “Who You Are” stateside…would love to see her perform that on a show over here because she would kill it and let everyone see how much talent she has

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