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One Direction: Live on Saturday Night Live! (4.7.12)

Last night, One Direction made their U.S late night television show debut as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The British boy group shared the coveted slot with host Sofia Vergara and even joined in on the fun for a skit. The boys were visibly excited as they performed their worldwide hit single “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing” from their debut album Up All Night. Their outfits were on point and the vocals were solid; there may have been some awkward moments at times but the boys pulled through. Boy band takeover is in full effect all over again. What do you guys think? Can’t see the videos below: Click here.

What Makes You Beautiful

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One Thing


  • mike

    U know I never really noticed how shitty Niall’s singing is before you pointed it out, guess the catchy music and good looks really were sufficient to distract, still my favorite. If Zayn wasn’t in the group….but practice makes perfect so, I’m sure they all sound better given a year or two.

    Ahh!! the skinny jean epidemic. Why can’t they were straight legs.

  • RRM

    not a big fan of 1D but imho they delivered a stellar performance…I gotta agree on the Niall (had to google the band, don’t know them except Harry) singing though, bit rough but hey they’re new i guess they’ll get their chops together

  • benners

    nawwww harry was so nervous i just wanted to hug him!!! ewww they would look horrendous in straight leg jeans! their styling has alway been on point from day one!! zayn smashed it in both performances!!

  • mr.bouzou

    They are just great! I believe they have lots of potential as new era boyband sensation… their music is great, singing ok, they have the looks and the style.. And yes, I agree, Zayn smashed it, so far I only thought he’s the cutest of them all but he’s amazing singer as well.. :))

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