Kris Allen: ‘The Vision Of Love’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Kris Allen‘s latest single “The Vision Of Love!” The track serves as the first official single off her sophomore album, Thank You Camellia, due out May 22nd. The Lenny Bass-directed clip follows two youngsters who are struggling to cope with bullying and self-esteem issues. No worries though, there is a happy ending. “The Vision Of Love” is such a great empowerment song and the timing couldn’t be any better. Now excuse me as I watch this over and over again and swoon over Kris‘ perfect face. Thank You.

BUY Kris Allen’s new single “The Vision Of Love” on iTunes NOW!


  1. yasmin

    I love that song very much ,it is insanely catchy and kris voice is perfect and the video express the song message very well ,i am surpised that this song isn’t creating more buzz ,it should be getting a lot of airplay on the radio ,i hope that the video help him get more attention .

  2. David

    OMG this is perfect! The song has such a positive message and I’m glad the video match that. Plus Kris looks amazing!
    Can’t wait for the album to drop

  3. Topher

    This song is actually really good! I was so not impressed with his first album but this is a huge improvement! Love the message too!

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