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Madonna Scores Eighth #1 Album with ‘MDNA’!

The numbers are in and Madonna has scores her eighth #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart with her twelfth studio album, MDNA! The 53-year-old pop icon now remains in second place among women with the most #1 albums – she needs one more to tie Barbra Streisand, the leader among women with nine chart-toppers. MDNA sold 359,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan and is her fifth straight studio album to debut at #1, according to Billboard. That is one amazing achievement so in celebration I’ve included Avicii‘s amazing remix of Madonna‘s latest single “Girl Gone Wild“. I can’t get enough of it. Enjoy!

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  • James

    Rave, Lady Gaga did NOT give her album away for 99 cents. It was Amazon who did. Lady Gaga was payed for those albums in full price but Amazon sold the album for their promo for cloud. Next time GET your facts right.

    It’s funny how people always compare Lady Gaga and Madonna but when it comes to album, single sales Lady Gaga wins.

    Lady Gaga’s Hair, it was a promo song, it sold more and was ranked higher than Madonna’s Give Me All Your Lovin, after all Madonna did perform this song at the biggest stage the Superbowl Half Time. So how is Madonna the Queen of Pop when she can’t even rank higer or even better than someone who has MORE talent than Madonna?

    Madonna was, WAS the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga is the QUEEN of POP Now!
    Get the facts right and correct before blasting another artist.

    I grew up on Madonna, I had respect for her but lost it because, Madonna blasted M.I.A and other artist for the very thing she has/had done to get where she is. Madonna is more famous for her crazy style than, THAN music. Madonna’s vocal skills has always been lacking. Lady Gaga on the other hand has the vocal skills and was classical taught.

    Do not blast other Artist. Show the facts. I am a fan of both Madonna and Lady Gaga.

    So, Raven I feel sorry for the lack of respect you have for other artist and music.

    • Łukasz

      Madonna’s second album sold 30 mln worldwide and Gaga’s second album sold 8-10 mln? sorry, guess who is winnig. let’s see how many album’s gaga will be selling after 30 years. to be honest she seems to be boring now so I don’t thik if we’re gonna remember about her after 30 years 🙂

  • Matt

    James, I am a really big fan of Gaga’s but Madonna has been around for how many years and still lasting? (not saying Gaga won’t last that long) Madonna is the queen of pop! as Lady Gaga can be the princess of pop and possibly gained the name of the queen of pop in 10-15 years. Gaga does have really good music and yes she can sing very well but I think Madonna is doing pretty well for 53 years old. I don’t know why we can’t just say that they are both as equally awesome?

  • James

    Derek, Madonna has been on the scene since 1983. In those over 20 years Madonna has won only 7 Grammy’s. Lady Gaga has been on the scene since 2008 and won 5 Grammy’s.

    Madonna’s first album was never Nominated for a Grammy. Lady Gaga’s first album was Nominated and won.

    Lady Gaga has only a few albums, but every album was nominated for Grammy’s.

    Stefani/Lady Gaga is here to stay. As well as Madonna. Since Lady Gaga came on the scene, every Artist has tried to catch up with her status as an artist and performer. But everyone as failed.

  • mellz

    james….its funny when u said ‘Do not blast other Artist’….
    while u the one who r starting by blasting madonna’s debut sales

    just saying…LOL

  • Danny

    James, regardless of whether it was Gaga or Amazon that sold the album for 99 cents, you can’t deny that nowhere near as many people would have bought it if it had been regular price.

    Both artists have left their mark on the music and industry and are/will be legends in their own right. No need to get so defensive, just enjoy the music and take it for what it is. Entertainment.

    • Ruben

      D like to see a ADELE and LADY GAGA collaboration take palce soewmhere down the road ,like a CD together.LADY GAGA and ADEL are two of the most dynamic female in music today,one word for GAGA hater’s you all will die one day and the world wont care,BUT LADY GAGA is vacant down in history and will be talked about 200 years from now, THE PASSION THIS WOMAN HAS IN HER WILL LIVE FOR EVER

  • Crel

    @JAMES: shut it with your lady gaga bull, I bet you just followed the trend of lady gaga when she became famous. Everyone knows she’s extremy different from when she first came out & have you noticed born this way didn’t do as well in singles either. Lady gaga is hardly the queen of pop, she’s a gimmick now & nothing more. She’s always trying to get attention because she knows if she didn’t do such outrageous things people wouldn’t pay attention to her or her music. She hasn’t made the same impact as Madonna or Britney, yeah she might not go away for awhile, but she’s just that piece of gum that is loosing its flavor at a very fast pace.
    Oh btw GaGa’s music feels “reductive” these days HA!


    @crel – couldn’t have & wouldn’t have said it better myself may I add that this past Grammie’s I’d like to know what GaGa won James…? Oh that’s right not a damn thing when Adele was recieving her award you can see GaGa at the bottom of the camera shot sneaking away as if she was embarrassed if you wanna rant about how GaGa has these amazing vocals then compare them to a real powerhouse like Adele & then tell me how well she is c’mon she’s a washed up wannabe Madonna, GaGa’s got nothing original about her other than her weird outfits, with that said I can’t wait for GaGa to give up already. Enough said

  • James

    @Michael, Get the facts right. Lady Gaga was heading backstage to see Adele.

    I posted facts about each artist. I also said I am fan of both artist. It’s very sad how pathetic you are all. You lack the knowledge of music.

    You bash other artist and myself, you can’t deny the facts of what I have said but all you can do is to blast Lady Gaga’s style. Your the ones that are truly “reductive”.

    When you come up with something more clever, get back to me.

  • mellz

    @james….its funny again when u said ‘You bash other artist and myself’

    and u bash madonna again & again
    c’mon, move on already

    enjoy the music!!!!

  • SalvatoreDen

    First of all, let me say that I’m an avid Lady Gaga fan and I agree with James that Lady Gaga owns more talents and much greater vocal prowess than Madonna. However, I think It’s premature to call Gaga Queen of Pop – to be frank, considering she’s only been in this business for 3-4 years. I believe that the “Queen of Pop” title is bestowed for a singer who has extraordinary level of success and longevity in her career. A singer like Madonna to be exact.

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