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Cassie: ‘King Of Hearts’ (Kanye West Remix)

It’s been almost two months now since Cassie dropped her brand-new single “King Of Hearts“. The track has yet to make any huge impact but its been getting some great early support on urban radio and on BET. Cassie will soon start her promotional tour for the song but before that begins she wanted to share the official Kanye West remix of “King Of Hearts“. The result is a much harder and grittier beat drop that makes the already upbeat track even more danceable. “King Of Hearts” is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far so I can’t wait to finally see it take off. It’s going to take time though. Just watch! What do you guys think?

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  • bLaine kelley

    why do they insist on putting her in unflattering clothes?!?
    this woman has an incredible body but they hide her figure in those ugly baggy ass pants N then use this photo done from a shitty upward angle that doesn’t do her gorgeous face justice.


    …and one last question,
    why did kanye not even drop a verse or bridge on this?
    …much like his remix of FallOutBoy’s “This Ain’t A Scene…” back in the day, his “remix” doesn’t offer anything epic in contrast to the original and just smudges it.

  • Kyle

    This is a sad excuse for a remix, ESPECIALLY coming from a name like Kanye… I heard this on YouTube yesterday and along with the other users, I thought it was fake. AWFUL remix, great song.

  • Winter

    “Don’t tell a lie? Can you feel it?Can you hear it?”
    The random screaming just doesn’t do it for me. I love the song, I do, and the beat to this one is sick, just the screaming ughhh nuh uh. And yeah if it was a remix why wasn’t Kanye on it.

  • Cody

    This song is TIGHT and she is looking hotter than any chick out in the video..prefer the original to the remix though. People who say this song is bad have a bad taste in music, i assume they also like Jason Derulo and terrible generic dance music

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