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The Saturdays: ’30 Days’ Premiere!

British girl group, The Saturdays have premiered their new single “30 Days” today! The new single comes just five months after the girls released their third full-length studio album, On Your Radar. “30 Days” was co-written and produced by Steve Mac who was responsible for previous hits “Higher” and “Notorious“. While I’m all for new music and the super catchy chorus, the song falls a bit short of the better material ditched from On Your Radar. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. What do you guys think?

30 Days


  • vroy77

    As you said: dont like it but dont hate it. Maybe a grower but far away from songs on On Your Radar which are more better than this. The only reason why I want to order it: Turn Myself In as B-Side. Waiting for it since a whole year!

  • CG Girl

    Very Disappointed by this selection and the Saturdays never let me down. It is very generic and the vocals are not that great. I wish Una and Vanessa would lead the song. I understand “On Your Radar” (album) did not meet higher expectations for the band, but if they would have pushed a few more songs, I think the album would have sold better and produce more hits.

  • Brian

    The Saturday’s are the most frustrating group! I like everything about their look and style but the singles they put out are always either amazing or mediocre. “On your Radar” had some great songs on it such as “get ready get set”, “white lies” and “faster” that could have been singles. “When my heart takes over” was a terrible choice. The record label seems committed to the Sats but never their albums insisting they put out a new album when a poorly chosen single tanks. “30 days” only has the new factor going for it- otherwise it could have been one of the less memorable album cuts from “Radar”.

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