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Jennifer Lopez: ‘Dance Again’ Featuring Pitbull!

As promised, Jennifer Lopez has premiered her brand-new single “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull! The track will either serve as the first single from upcoming eighth studio album or from a greatest hits compilation. Nothing has been confirmed yet. “Dance Again” was produced by RedOne, who was heavily involved with her seventh studio album, Love?, making the similarities between “On The Floor“, “Papi“, and “Dance Again” all clearly obvious. There’s nothing wrong with that though. The song is still a total earworm and will without a doubt be another hit for her. What do you guys think? The video for “Dance Again” will premiere LIVE on American Idol Thursday (April 5)!

BUY Jennifer Lopez’s new single “Dance Again” w/ Pitbull on iTunes NOW!

Dance Again (Featuring Pitbull)


  • JohnnyJohnJohn

    god, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. For hours I said to myself ‘only one last time’ but I can’t stop press the repeat button.

    Everything is so seductive. Can’t wait for the video next week. I hope it will be a new album comming out soon.

  • number1k9

    I really LOVED “On The Floor,” Kinda wished the format for “Dance Again” would have been different. Make it a bit more shocking for the listener…

    Like when you compare this song to “On The Floor” they both have the same structure:

    Intro -by Pitbull
    Interlude* By Pitbull
    Verse 2
    Bridge/Verse 3 -Pitbull

    -Everything not listed by J.Lo
    *I guess that tiny interlude before the 2nd verse wasn’t in “On The Floor” but still…

    Anywho I still like the song, not sure if I like it more than “OTF” at the moment, but another great hit from them…. WAYYYYYYY better than “Fresh Out The Oven” which had a super laszy feel to it.

  • mike

    I definitely think that redone is talented but I’m a little tired of his sound especially from artists who aren’t able to bring their own twist to it.

    But with jennifer lopez and her international sound it works out to be something quite nice. His work with lady gaga also stands apart from others.

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