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Song of the Week: Kat Graham ‘Put Your Graffiti On Me’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Vampire Diaries actress Kat Graham! The 22-year-old has been releasing digital singles and viral videos for a few years and now has her first official release with “Put Your Graffiti On Me!” The official release comes thanks to getting picked up by A&M / Octone Records where she will release her debut album later this year. “Put Your Graffiti One Me” will serve as a great introduction for people just getting into Kat. The Twice as Nice-produced number is a feisty upbeat jungle pop number with a whole lot of sass and punch. It’s a banga! Be sure to check it out. Enjoy!

BUY Kat Graham’s brand-new single “Put Your Graffiti On Me” on iTunes NOW!



  1. so glad you made this the song of the week!! 😀

  2. Great song. Great video. 😀

  3. Love the show. Love Kat. This song reminds me of Rihanna “birthday cake”
    “put your name on me” LMAO. its interesting. I can’t wait for the album

  4. terrible song, but good to see another hot slut out there 😉

  5. Some of the lyrics are questionable but I kind of love it. The video is fierce, the girl can dance.

  6. Terrible. I just can’t get into this girl.

  7. Talk about generic.
    If you need sex to sell music you probably shouldn’t be making any music at all …. #Fail

    Pretty much sounds like she wants some guy to shoot on her … Klassy … This is right up Ke$ha’s alley and we all know what a great talent she is

  8. Sorry but this song sucks ass.

  9. Theres something not quite right about this girl, shes too contrived

  10. The beat on this song is nutssss, the visual takes the song to another level, and I can’t get enough. I love the street urban vibe and the dancing is FIRE.

  11. OMG THIS SONG IS AWESOME!!!! gosh she plays this innocent witch character on The Vampire Diaries but i didn’t know she could be THIS SEXY!!!

  12. I love the dancing! Taking advantage of those ponytails and whippin them around!! Hotness

  13. I’m not a fan.. Her voice sounds very strange and forced on it.. The song itself is just okay.. What really annoys me is Perez Hilton tweeting about her every 3 seconds, and asking all of his celebrity “friends” to tweet about it too.. It just annoys everyone.. Unfollowed him because of it.. It’s fine to promote ur fave artiste, but not to shove it down people’s throat.. Especially when the song is so meh..
    Love her on Vampire Diaries though.. She should focus on acting IMHO.. :/

  14. @Oliver, totally agree. If it was THAT good there would be no need to cram this down everyone’s throats. Song is catchy , but she has zero charisma or personality. This song could be done by any manufactured pop tart princess. And the whole shoot your jizz on me lyrics is just plain ol dumb. Have some dignity girl, if you were that talented you wouldnt let anyone pimp you out in some music video. There’s a difference between sexy and skanky.

  15. I am in love with this song, i even got my friends into it. People just need to hate on every artist and if you dont like it then dont listen to it simple as that.

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