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Nicki Minaj: ‘Roman Holiday’, ‘Pound The Alarm’ + ‘Marilyn Monroe’

Nicki Minaj is just days away from releasing her highly-anticipated sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, on Tuesday (April 3)! The 29-year-old entertainer is currently dominating the airwaves with “Turn Me On” and “Starships” and a group of many other promo singles. As expected, the album has leaked in full before its official release and as I go through my first listen, It’s obvious we’re in for another year full of Nicki. Here you can listen to the final mastered version of “Roman Holiday,” which she performed at the 2012 Grammy Awards. The final mastered version of the early leaked JR Rotem-produced “Marilyn Monroe” and potential single option “Pound The Alarm.” The album seems a little bi-polar to me at the moment but it has it’s highlights. A full review will come next week. UPDATE: Just added the Dr.Luke-produced bonus tracks from the Deluxe Edition. Enjoy!

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks


  • Brian

    I think it should have a been a double disc set. The 11 hip-hop/rap tracks on one, and the 11 pop dance tracks on the other. It literally is an even split.

  • mr.bouzou

    Wow! Liked Pound the alarm, since I heard its 30 secs in preview, but now I’m hooked, loving it! Thank you Jon Ali for posting it!!! ;))

  • saywhat?

    Ok..I do really like the album, but wtf. Why is she tryna be a pop star like GaGa and Rihanna??? 5 RedOne tracks? Really Nicki? I feel like the Hip-Hop/Rap side fell short in favor of the pop/dance side. The album is called Roman Reloaded after all…anyways I still enjoy it.

  • CG GIrl

    Love it! I felt a little apprehensive about this album but it looks like it’s going to be hot. Such a shame Roman Holiday is no good, the beat is so hot, but the song not!!! Thanks Jon : )

  • cASEY


    • kevin

      Duh! Google the album leak if you want to hear the full album (download it)! I’m sure their are plenty of download links out their or better yet purchase the album at your local store on April 3rd that sells music!

  • kevin

    Wow! Pound The Alarm Is Fucking Fierce Such A Club Banger! The Beat and Bass Are on Fire!This is so European Dance! The dance-floors will be set on fire with this song!Talk about a Fist-Pumping Banger! The other tracks I heard in full are:Stupid Hoe,TMO,Roman Reloaded,RBMS,BITT,MM(demo),and Young Forever(demo) so in total I listened to 8 full songs.

  • kevin

    So I still have 13 songs off the album to listen to in full! Since I heard already:MM,YFO,TMO,Stupid Hoe,RBMS,BITT,Roman Reloaded,and Pound The Alarm.So is the final mastered versions of Marilyn Monroe and Young Forever any different from the unmastered demo versions?!I’m most excited for the full versions of:Masquerade,Automatic,Whip It,Va Va Voom,Beautiful Sinner,Come On A Cone,Iam Your Leader,Hov Lane,Sex In The Lounge,and Champion. Fire Burns and Gun Shot sounded kinda boring when I heard the snippets(but who knows maybe when I hear them in full I’ll change my mind!)

  • kevin

    Marilyn Monroe isn’t any different from the unmastered version we got! Nice song real laid back Nicki sounds real good singing on it ,the beat is nice too(love the piano)Roman Holiday is hot love the jungle sounds in it!It’s not different from the live version at all!It’s so crazy when she does The British accent and the weird deep vocal!And then the church choir comes in! Now the only songs I need to hear in full are:Hov Lane,Sex In The Lounge,Come On a Cone,I’m Your Leader,Champion,Gun Shots,Fire Burns,Automatic,Beautiful Sinner, Va Va Voom,Masquerade,Whip It.

  • Danh Do

    i have never liked her before i knew Superbass, which was like a half-year that song got released. and i must say i really like the new reload stuff 😀

  • Jdog

    Literally “Roman Holiday” Is prob gonna be my Favorite song on this album. It’s exactly What I imagined. Cannot wait to get this album April 3rd 😉

  • Ryan Fucqua Smith

    To be honest I’ve been loving Nicki’s new stuff, I want Marilyn Monroe to be a single, I think it’d be a awesome ballad. I like parts of pound the alarm, I think the actual beat part after she says pound the alarm could turn a lot of people off, after all I enjoy the whole song till it gets to that point and then either skip to the next song or literally sit there baring it to hear the rest of the song.

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