Katy Perry: ‘Part Of Me’ Video Premiere!

Katy Perry channels her inner Mulan in the video premiere for her latest single “Part Of Me!” The track serves as the first single from the special edition of her already double-platinum certified album, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, due out on March 27! Filmed in Oceanside (California) the Ben Mor-directed video takes place at the USMC’s Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. We see Katy go through a break-up, chop-off her hair, and then suddenly she decides to join the Marines. While I appreciate the different take on the song, I wasn’t really feeling the whole concept. It fell a little short and didn’t really help the song. That’s just me though. What do you guys think?

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  • Jamie

    That was … ? I feel like she did it just for the sake of being different and in a sense ‘artistic’. Tbh, it didn’t really work, at least for me anyways. I also found the whole thing stupid. Joining the military because a guy cheated on you? OK.

    She also acted really bad which is weird because in TOTGA she did pretty decent with the crying and whatever. I also could’ve gone without the lipsyncing to the words near the end, it should’ve just been a full out story-like music video. /opinion

  • Joseph

    I felt like I was watching a video for a first single from some random Disney starlet. This is no good Katy, stop trying to get your songs to #1 and bring something cool and original.

  • darin

    I appreciate that she tired something different than a typical pop video but….this is just plain bad. The plot had never comes full circle, there is no pay off for sitting through this video, it doesn’t enhance the song but rather distracts from it, and once she joins the marines there is no longer any point to watching it because nothing happens after that.

  • Alec

    Actually, I don’t agree with the boring comments at all. I am actually in love with the concept of this video. We see her go through this break up because her lover was a cheater.. But then she sees strength by joining the Marines. She wants to become a stronger person from her mistakes. I thought it was inspirational and a strong feminine empowerment video. I loved that it seemed like I was watching more of a movie and not your typical pop video where there is lots of dancing. I applaud Katy for this.

  • Paul

    Im actually gay but i totally agree with Andrea. Why is this vid boring? Cos shes not dancin naughty or there are no gay stuff? Come on! The concept FITS the song PERFECTLY or have you never been heartbroken? When that happens everyone always tries to sublimate the pain with something, in this case she represents that by joining the marines. I think its a GREAT vid. Congrats Katy, this is you doing mature stuff.

  • Alex

    I’m disappointed … She performed it in the BBC and had this deadly military choreography but there’s just nothing epic about this video …. I still love you Katy 😉

  • London

    I don’t think it works. Is she supposed to be gritty and tough? Whilst wearing full make up and twirling around under a flag? Do women usually strap down their chest when they join the army? She looks like a kid playing dress up.

  • kevin

    I liked it’s different,normally she is real sexed up! I like when she tones it down!And the message is saying she doesn’t need a douchebag anymore and she can stand on her!(Like how she kicked Russell Brand to the curb LOL!)

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