Madonna: ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Madonna‘s latest single “Girl Gone Wild!” The Benny Benassi-produced track serves as the second official single from her twelfth studio album, MDNA, due out March 26th. The black and white video was directed by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the same duo who shot the albums artwork. The highly-sexual video features some of the biggest male models in the game including Simon Nessman, Sean O’Pry, Jon Kortajarena, Rob Evans, and some solid choreography from Ukranian dance group, Kazaky. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this. It is simply iconic. What do you guys think?

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  • David

    it reminded me of Gaga’s Alejandro’s video. i think madonna has a lot of nerve calling gaga reductive when this video was a complete ripoff of gaga’s video. although i do think the video is HOT.

  • RG

    For the song, i think its catchy, and it’ll probably do great on radio BUT, i think Madonna is a fuckin HYPOCRITE, she had the audacity to talk shit about Gaga’s born this way sounding like hers, and then she puts men in heels? Gaga’s been there done that in Alejandro…

  • Trayton Michael

    She slayed it with the video. She has done what Lady Gaga has been wanting to do for such a long time in such a great way. Lady gaga has just made gays in her video look so damn bad! The Queen is BACK1

  • Trayton Michael

    She slayed it with the video. She has done what Lady Gaga has been wanting to do for such a long time in such a great way. Lady gaga has just made gays in her video look so damn bad! The Queen is BACK! Lady Gaga your nothing but a Madonna wannabe and just a copy cat B****!

  • bLaine kelley

    i know everyone’s defense will be,
    “well she has nothing Left to prove”,
    but that was unimpressive.

    they succeeded at making it Look like some high fashion add.
    however everything else was just a gay culture madonna cliche.
    “chiseled male models”- check
    “men in heels” – check
    “dull cheerleader arm choreography” – check
    “Madonnna in a pile of people” – check
    etc, etc, etc…

    but hey, maybe since i’m not a gay male i shouldn’t be surprised?

  • Saky

    I know that we’re young and I know that you may love me , but I just can’t be with you like this anymore uuuh Alejandro 😛

  • Fan

    I love it. The Alejandro references are DELIBERATE. She’s just showing Gaga she’s better than her, can beat at her own game, this video is all Alejandro wanted to be and so much more. Alejandro was dreary and creepy. This one is resolutely FUN.

  • Jk

    Lol these little monster are so dumb. Madonna reinvented her own style which Lady Gaga copied at the first place. I didn’t want to mention Gaga at all but you guys did so….yea.

  • Shane

    I agree JK, why bring her up its annoying, but again I agree. Why can’t people do their research before posting comments…? Its called youtube, use it kiddies…please. Madonna has done ALL of this before. now she is doing it again all this time later and KILLS it even more, no one can touch her. 🙂

  • kevin

    This video is like the 1990-1993 Sexy Dominatrix persona she adopted but updated for 2012! As for her copying Gaga:NONSENSE! I mean Gaga was not the 1st artist to do a black and white video or have men in heels! My favorite look was when she had the long pony tail it reminds me of the Blonde Ambition Jean Paul Gaultier look but an updated version for 2012!Dita made her long awaited return in this video! It’s like Erotica 2012 version!

  • Caesar Live N Loud

    Well I strongly disagree some people’s comments that claim she is copying Gaga. for God’s sake this is 100% Madonna. All the things in the video have been done by her. Black and white video…. the whole eroticism and glamour that reminds us of her erotica, vogue and justify my love videos… and so on. to me this is just a way to bring back the Madonna from that period and I can say she looks a lot better now. Kazaky were good to be embraced which means she knows what is out there and this is just a way of her reminding everybody she still loves the gays. she just doesn’t need to be 24/7 saying that…

  • Imperfect Angel

    The pitting against artists is silly, I’m a fan overall of music. Love me some MDNA & GaGa and think they are both solid and smart women. Madonna opened the doors for the women in pop and deserves respect for being a pioneer for the pop genre. In reference to the men in heels, I would actually say Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Show should be the one upset if anything… or Kylie Minogue who has had men dancing in heels for her renditions of ‘The Loco-Motion’ live in concert before Alejandro or GGW came out. Just saying… lol

    HOT VIDEO, can’t wait for both ladies tours this year!

  • Liz

    I’m so tired of Gaga’s name being brought up. Let’s get real Madonna has done this before. Research kids! This video is flawless and song is going to be big at the clubs.

  • Devon

    Little monsters or as I like to call them little idiots, if I hear another
    One of you say she copied Alejandro by putting men in heels lol you
    Are all so young and stupid, google Madonna Steven Meisel rolling stone 1991, you’ll find Madonna
    21 years ago with men all around her in pantyhose and heels, stop being such Stan’s for gaga she is
    Not original to begin with! That said madonnas new album is the shit!

  • Robbie

    It’s a hodge podge of Kylie’s Get Outte My Way, Gaga’s Alejandro, and Madge’s own Vogue & Express Yourself. It’s not bad necessarily, but not necessarily great or ground breaking.

  • Jasmine

    I disagree with the Gaga fans saying Madonna copied off of Gaga. She had men dancing in heels in her 90 or 91 tour. Madonna was doing the whole dominatrix thing way back when Lady Gaga was just a little girl. The difference between this video and Lady Gaga’s Alejandro is that when I saw Alejandro the video was too long and made no sense with the lyrics of the song. This video was simple and way better.

  • Raven

    OMG it is so totally annoying when people do not do their research. Alejandro mirrored Madonna’s Vogue, Express Yourself, Like A Prayer, and the Beast Within by Steven Klien who actually directed Alejandro and made it look very close to his own work with Madonna. To say that Girl Gone Wild copied Alejandro is just saying Madonna copied herself. Do people even use youtube??? There is so much showing how many times GaGa has referenced Madonna in her work. #lookitup

  • Oliver

    It was ok.. But the Kazaky choreography was horrible.. Their dancing always seems so amateur. Also not a fan of the guys in heels thing.. It just looks silly IMHO.. Love the song though..
    And I agree, the vid is much better than Alejandro,which was just bizarre and boring.. I like Lady gaga but that was her worst video..

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