Giveaway Week: JoJo ‘Disaster’ Signed Single!

This week we will be hosting our very first Giveaway Week where you guys will be able to enter to win some free music. We’re kicking it off with JoJo and her radio climbing single “Disaster” from her third studio album Jumping Trains due out this Spring. It’s one of those songs we can stop playing here so we are happy to be giving away one SIGNED and one unsigned CD single. Find out how to enter below!

How To Enter: (U.S and Canada Only!)
Leave a comment below with your full name and email address
Follow me and tweet: I want to be @Jon_ALi’s Disaster! http://bit.ly/GBkf9T

BUY JoJo’s new single “Disaster” on iTunes NOW!
BUY JoJo’s new single “Disaster: The Remixes” on iTunes NOW!



  1. Aaaaaah, this would be epic. JoJo stan 4 lyfe.

  2. Would Love to win this!

  3. Such a HUGE Jojo fan!! This would be too awesome. My bday is coming up, this would be the best present ever!! Ahah

  4. JoJo is one of most underated artist! This is one of my favorite song of hers.

  5. Tyler Drewitz. T_drew06@yahoo.com
    I love Jojo and can’t wait for jumping trains.

  6. Love this song!!! I hope her new album is good. It’s been a long time coming.

  7. Whoops, probs should’ve formatted my last comment like this…

    Josh Crampsey

  8. Charlot Brassard, charlott@hotmail.ca

  9. Chulani Levenstone

  10. I am in love with that song! Thank you for making this contest! Love your site 😉

    Jean-Philippe Gagne

  11. LOVE this song and LOVE JoJo.

  12. Maya Maldonado, mayamalia24@yahoo.com. PLEASE pick me! My baby sister just had a baby and has LOVED JoJo for years. It’d make the most amazing first mother’s day gift ever!!! 🙂

  13. Signed by Queen JoJo !!!
    Stay coming hard with dope ass giveaways 😀

    Jeffrey Morgan

  14. love the song myself too!
    Jojo is so underrated.
    Jenny Ou

  15. A SIGNED copy of the single? I would die. But then be forced to come back to life to witness the epicness in my hands.

    The name is Johnathan Don. Email is bluejd102@yahoo.com.

    I’m not expecting to win, but it’d be amazingly awesome if I did.

    As always, keep up the great work with the site, Jon. =D

  16. Would be awesome to win a signed copy of her single. Your site is the bomb!

  17. I FREAKIN LOVE HER!!! been waiting too long for great music!!!!


  18. oh name is Maximiliana Mimi Miller , mmaximilianamimi@yahoo.com

  19. Oh my gosh. I’ve been a fan since she released her first single when I was 11. I would cry if I won that.

    Ana Rodriguez

  20. Agna Mung


  21. Adam Pluskowski
    love love!!!

  22. Keeping my fingers crossed. Jenny Lee (fifty.threee at live.com)

  23. Love JOJO

  24. I can’t wait for her new album!

    Jordan Bergum


  25. Duane Headworth


  26. Connor Coniglio

  27. Mark Anthony Stevens!!

    please be me! please be me! i still listen to “leave” and too little too late EVERYday! ;D

    thanks for your blog ali!

  28. Caleb Lugo

  29. Charles pintado

  30. Love me some JoJo!
    Jason Johnson doorsunopened@gmail.com

  31. Go great with my signed High Road album 😀
    Stephen Rojas

  32. I rock out to Jojo all day err day.
    Alison Lam

  33. chillypho@gmail.com

    🙂 fingers crossed.

  34. Justin Kretzschmar

  35. Would love the signed one for sure!

  36. Kristin WEnthur

  37. Nikkos Layton nikkoslayton@yahoo.com

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