Katharine McPhee: ‘Touch Me’ From ‘Smash’!

Prepare for the wigs of all your faves to be snatched! American Idol alum turned actress Katharine McPhee has just released a complete SMASH! The track will serve as a promotional single for the upcoming Smash soundtrack on Columbia Records. The track was co-written by Ryan Tedder and Bonnie McKee and is the exact high-energy dance track I’ve been waiting to hear from the flawless McPhee. I’m so happy the spotlight is back on her because she is truly one of the most underrated girls to come out of Idol. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

Touch Me


  1. Lea

    I saw the words Ryan Tedder and instantly loved it. Combining him & McPhee is BEYOND enough for me to be in complete love. Perfect track. Easily a new favorite.

  2. Topher

    I can’t believe Ryan Tedder wrote this! This is so not his style but it’s a great song nontheless! I agree that Katharine is indeed very underrated!

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