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Taylor Swift: ‘Eyes Open’ From ‘The Hunger Games’

Check out Taylor Swift‘s brand new-track titled “Eyes Open!” The track is the second from Taylor to be included in the soundtrack of the upcoming movie adaptation of The Hunger Games. “Eyes Open” is pretty much the opposite of “Safe & Sound,” it’s a much bigger song with a whole different mood. It’s nice to see Taylor switch things up for the soundtrack and deliver something different. The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth hits theaters March 23! What do you guys think?

“‘Eyes Open‘ and ‘Safe & Sound‘ are two songs that I wanted to represent different relationships in the story,” Taylor told Yahoo. To me, ‘Safe & Sound‘ represents the empathy and compassion Katniss feels for Rue, Peeta, and Prim in different parts of the book. ‘Eyes Open‘ is more of a depiction of Katniss’s relationship with the Capitol. She knows she can’t trust anyone in the government, and that’s why I wanted the song to feel more frantic—like the sound of being hunted or chased.

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The Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Hunger Games will be released on Tuesday (March 20)!


  • Keith

    The song itself is cool, and the lyrics are interesting. I don’t think Taylor’s voice is suited for it though. She just doesn’t have a mature enough voice for this kind of song.

  • mike

    I blindly love anything taylor swift does, but these two songs from the hunger games are very good, I’m looking foward to her next albu,

  • Michael

    I would never consider myself a fan of Taylor Swift. I generally don’t like country music, and from the songs I had heard of hers, they all sounded almost identical.

    Now I would definitely consider myself a fan. She has amazing potential to be a great artist, whether it’s country or otherwise. Both of the songs on the Hunger Games soundtrack are fantastic!!!

  • Oli

    It was the same with Safe & Sound, I think the song is pretty good, (really good in Safe n Sound’s case), but I just don’t think her voice suits the song.. Her voice is not really strong enough for this song.. N Safe n Sound wasn’t as good as it could have been because of her singing IMHO.. Do still love the song though..
    Eyes Open may need a few more listens..

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