Carrie Underwood: ‘Good Girl’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Carrie Underwood‘s latest single “Good Girl!” The track serves as the first official single from her highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Blown Away, due out on May 1st. There isn’t too much happening in the video other than Carrie looking fabulous in a variety of flashy outfits. I did like the good girl, bad girl thing towards the end but overall I was a bit disappointed since I love the song so much. Either way Carrie is still a country diva in my eyes and I can’t wait for this new album. What did you guys think?

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  • Countryfan73

    Different video for her, but great in its own way. PS – Many blogs don’t feature a lot of country artists, so thanks for highlighting Carrie Underwood whenever she has new music of videos come out.

  • RedX

    Shel looks GORGEOUS and her voice is amazing (as always) but there’s not point to this video and nothing special about the song doesn’t she already have a song like this Cowboy Casanova?!?!? (which is better)

  • Topher

    I love the video in spite of the fact that it had nothing to do with the concept of the song. Just her looking amazing. I think she and Beyonce need to take some pointers on making music videos and stop relying solely on what mommy and daddy gave them.

  • RRM

    I kind of agree with what others are picking up from here(in other websites) that a more mature experienced Carrie is telling off a younger, naive inexperienced Carrie version to stay away from the bad boys…

  • Idolize D

    Dear Carrie.
    Thanks for not selling out. Thanks for not having a story behind this video. I kinda like a refreshing break from the same old. You looked beyond amazing. Work it girl!

    Yours Truely;
    Idolize D

  • Jeffrey

    I love the video a lot, but I do wish there woulda been a little more story, or at least something to do with the song. Also, parts of it flash by so fast that it makes me dizzy. But I still LOVE the song, and she looks AMAZING, as always!

  • Keith

    I like the good/bad girl dichotomy. The video itself is just to choppy. The scenes flash so fast you can barely catch anything, and there isn’t a story line which is depressing. Regardless she looks fabulous and the song rocks!

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