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Madonna: ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Single Premiere!

The premiere of Madonna‘s latest single “Girl Gone Wild” is here! The track serves as the second official single from her new album MDNA due out March 26th! The dance number was produced by the brilliant Benny Benassi and is a fantastic follow-up to “Give Me All Your Luvin” which managed to peak at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Girl Gone Wild” is giving me Confessions On A Dance Floor vibes and I’m totally loving it. With its bass heavy beat and infectious hook, It has all the makings of a major club hit. Is it amazing and out of this world? No, but its solid and fun. What do you guys think?

Girl Gone Wild

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  • Ricky

    Wish her voice wasn’t so flat/monotone BUT thats my only complaint. Its such a catchy song! All i’ve heard in my head all day was “Heyy-eyy eyy Heyy e-e-eyyy”

  • RJ

    Fun. Not amazing but great for the dance floor. A really fun video could go a long way to making this huge, if Madonna can still do fun. Sounds a lot like one of a dozen unreleased Ke$sha tracks.

  • Dan

    How many people poopoo Madonna just because she is 53? It’s sickening.
    Would you tell your mum when she turns 50 to start knitting and never have fun again?

    Anyways… Love the song, it sounds more like Madonna than her last song it gives me great hope for the album.


  • Tré Sweeney

    Thank you Madonna for reviving yourself with a better single…cause that first single was totally crap. I absolutely LOVE this…and you are right Jon, it does remind me too of Confessions Of A Dance Floor (what a great album that was).

  • kevin

    I was just on and they posted some new information about the MDNA album the 17th track on the deluxe edition’s song title is: Best Friend (produced by Benny and Alle Benassi). Love Spent is now on the standard edition instead of the deluxe. B-day Song still features M.I.A. and will now be avaliable on the deluxe edition only.The deluxe is 2 discs:12 songs on disc 1, and 5 songs on disc 2. Girls Gone Wild is now: Girl Gone Wild. The tracklisting can still change(meaning the order of the songs, not songs being taken off!)Because it’s still a month before they start the physical manufracturing of the cd’s, so they can still make possible last minute/minor changes.And Hardy “Indiigo” Muanza produced the song Superstar. I thought she worked with Jean Baptiste as well?! Maybe the I-tunes song is one of his?! She supposedly took leftover songs from Kelis’s Fleshtone album! I heard Madonna recorded Kids and possible other unused Fleshtone songs for MDNA!

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