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Ester Dean: ‘Gimmie Money’ Featuring Nicki Minaj!

Singer-songwriter Ester Dean is finally on her way to start releasing material of her very own. The 24-year-old Oklahoma-born songstress is signed to Roc Nation and has already penned hits for literally everyone. Ester is responsible for hits for artists from Kelly Clarkson (Mr. Know It All), Katy Perry (Firework), Nicki Minaj (Super Bass), and of course Rihanna (Rude Boy, S&M, What’s My Name?). “Gimmie Money” is the first track we are getting to hear from her debut album set for release later this year. With a feature from Nicki Minaj, the track is already a made for radio hit. “Gimmie Money” is definitely good but I’m sure Ester has some more tricks up her sleeve. It isn’t confirmed to be a single though so will just have to wait and see. What do you guys think?



  1. how are we supposed to get to the download link if it’s a private file?

    1. Did you figure out how to get it? I love this song. I tried calling you last week btw, but maybe you have a new number?

  2. I fucking LOVE this track! Ester is baaaaaack.

  3. This sounds like Rude Boy & Te Amo mixed together!

    1. Both produced by StarGate, who produced “Gimmie Money” 🙂

  4. I like it..! On 1st listen..
    But the music sounds very much like What’s My Name.. Not really a bad thing though as What’s My Name is my fave song.. 🙂

  5. Guys, she composed most Rihanna songs so don’t be shocked if you heard Rihanna-ish beats. 🙂

  6. She sure knows how to write and compose a hit! Me like 🙂

  7. Stargate + Ester Dean = FUCKING AMAZING

  8. I love Ester… drop it low and take you to rio must be in my top25 most played on itunes… so happy she’s releasing an album

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