Chris Brown: ‘Turn Up The Music’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Chris Brown‘s latest single “Turn Up The Music!” The track serves as the first official single from his fifth studio album Fortune due out March 16th! This is the first time Chris has stepped up as director of his own video with the help of co-directer Godfrey Taberez. The video is pretty self explanatory. A lot of partying, dancing, and random weirdos. Chris always delivers on the choreography. What did you guys think?

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  • Kalub Fowler

    Does it really surprise you JACOB? Almost ALL pop music has a very serious moral issue with most of its lyrical content and if you ask me the fame and fortune of these celebrities is completely aiding our countries downfall. Everything is about sex, partying, and womanizing/maneating. Its all demeaning and crass.

    No wonder we have shows like “Teen Mom” and “17 and Preagnant” and we can’t forget “Celebrity Rehab” (Which ALOT more Celebrities qualify for … but wont ruin their image to actually go)

  • Fact

    JACOB, Brown is a gifted artist and he’s here to stay. everybody makes mistakes. nobody is perfect.

    Kalub, life is not fair. adapt or die.

  • Mike

    Chris is doing his own thing and people should respect that. He has his own shit going for him. He is talented, he knows how to deliver a dance music video which is hardly done these days by many artists. THIS IS ACTUAL CHOREOGRAPHY, NOT CAMERA SLICES MAKING ARTISTS WHO CAN’T TRULY PERFORM LOOK DECENT. Why should people bash him for displaying his personality? He drinks & parties as do other hip hop industry icons. I think this makes up for his simple Grammy performance.

  • mr.bouzou

    Ok, just to make clear I don’t support his violent behaviour in any kind of way, but his talent in music (singing and dancing) is undeniable and I appreciate it! 😉

  • Emmanuel

    The plot of the Video is pure Crap I don’t like this video at all the best of the worst is his skill to Dance but Indeed this video SUcks

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