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Song of the Week: Darin ‘Nobody Knows’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Swedish pop singer Darin! The 24-year-old singer-songwriter recently made his return with new single “Nobody Knows” and it’s a total jam. The track was penned by Darin, Bilal “The Chef” Hajji, Niklas Rune and Tony Nilsson will serve as the first single from his sixth studio album due out later this year. “Nobody Knows” has already shot straight to #1 on Swedish iTunes and for good reasoning. The track is a total rave anthem with it’s turbo charged chorus and Darin‘s superb vocal. I know it seems like I write a lot about music from Sweden but they are literally the creators of perfect pop. It must be something in the water. When I am old and gray, I will adopt a Brazilian baby, move to Sweden, and force feed my child Swedish water. What do you guys think?


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