Usher: ‘Climax’

Usher is starting to prepare the release of his seventh studio album due out later this year. The 33-year-old entertainer has just released the first offering, “Climax” produced by Diplo. The track is an icy electro R&B jam that could serve as a nice soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day. “I hope doesn’t sound silly. Seriously the best record I’ve been part of,” Diplo wrote on his Twitter. “Really proud of it.” What do you guys think?



  1. Sean

    You guys are the reason Usher keeps churning out redundant, mindless club tracks. This song is beautiful, fresh and sexy. I’m glad Diplo finally got Usher to slow things down again.

    And SCHNELLIE: Usher has been doing this “gay,” Justin Timberlake-like song before Justin. Do your damn research before you interject your ignorant language.

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