Introducing: Loreen

Today I’m introducing an artist I’ve had my eyes on for awhile now. Loreen is a Swedish singer-songwriter and music producer who rose to fame after competing in the Swedish talent TV-program Idol in 2004 – she finished fourth. Her most recent releases “My Heart Is Refusing Me” and “Sober” have already done their time but remain flawless moody dance-pop numbers that I can’t seem to quit. “Sober” is just one hell of a glorious tune and that is all you need to know. While Loreen is still working on getting out a proper debut album she is currently one of the finalist at Melodifestivalen 2012 with her song “Euphoria.” She will be heading to the Eurovision Song Contest taking place at Globen in Stockholm on March 10 and I’m hoping she takes the win. Written with Thomas G:son and Peter Boström, “Euphoria” is a massive pop/house number that any pop tart would kill for. Loreen is definitely someone to look out for. Be sure to check her out!



  1. She was really good live! I voted for her several times! Hope she wins the finals so we have a big chance in Eurovision!

  2. Of all the Melodifestivalen artists you should post about it should be Danny or youngblood. Loreen is so boring :S

  3. Love her! tanx for sharing her in your blog 😉 / Magnus

  4. She’s fucking awesome !!!!
    Her voice is like one of the best from Sweden !!

  5. Germany will not be any competition this year. All the kids that are competing to present Germany are lame. So here’s to Loreen going big for Sweden. 🙂

  6. I am an absolute fan of Loreen (probably her only fan here in Australia lol) & i thank you for introducing her on your blog. I have been following her since heard her sing on Eurovision last year. I really hope she takes the comp out this year. Looking forward to hearing more from this fine women. Her voice is incredible!!

  7. UGH I hate Sober and Euphoria. My Heart Is Refusing Me isn’t bad though. I’m not impressed by her though.

  8. […] as “Euphoria,” especially given the attention that Stateside bloggers have begun sending her way. I may be missing Melodifestivalen this year, but […]

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