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Jon ALi Interviews: Neon Hitch – ‘Fuck U Betta’ Out Now!

Last week I go the chance to catch up with pop newcomer, Neon Hitch! The British singer-songwriter who’s known for working behind the scenes and penning tracks for Ke$ha, Sky Ferreira, and 3OH!3 is already on the rise to make a name for herself. Her collaboration with Gym Class Heroes is currently #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and she has just released her exciting new single “Fuck U Betta.” Check out my interview with Neon below where we talked about the video, her future plans, and her debut album Beg, Borrow, and Steal. Enjoy!

Jon: Hello Neon!

Neon: Hi Jon! How are you?

Jon: I’m great. How are you?

Neon: I’m fantastic

Jon: Happy to hear it. I hope you remember me, we’ve met a couple times.

Neon: Where did we meet?

Jon: We’ve met at a few parties during Fashion Week last season

Neon: Oh yeah! I remember now. Will you be going to any this time around?

Jon: Yes, for sure. I know you did a few things last time so I’m sure you’ll be at it again.

Neon: Yeah, I’ll be doing some stuff for fashion week so I’ll probably see you.

Jon: Good good, can’t wait. I know you must be really excited about everything that is going on. Your single with Gym Class HeroesAss Back Home” is doing so well.

Neon: Thank You! Yeah, it’s been really fantastic. I’m excited.

Jon: Yeah. The last time I check it was Top 10 on iTunes!

Neon: Really!? I actually haven’t checked today but I’m going to. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken today so once I get a chance I’m going to take a look.

Jon: Yeah, definitely. I think it has potential to crack the top five on Billboard and possibly even go number one.

Neon: That would be amazing. I will definitely be celebrating with lots of champagne if that happens.

Jon: [Laughs] YES! That is the only way you should be celebrating.

Neon: [Laughs] Hell yeah!

Jon: Not only that but you’ve also released your new single “Fuck U Betta.”

Neon: Yeah! That’s out and its already doing well. We haven’t pushed it to radio yet but its already getting airplay which is fantastic. I’ve already gone and met some of the radio stations that have been supporting it and its been good so far. I’m really happy.

Jon: You should be! When the radio stations are adding it early then that’s definitely a good sign.

Neon: Yeah. I think so too.

Jon: I know you recently shot the video for it? How did that go?

Neon: Yeah, the video is actually going to be insane. I did it with Chris Applebaum, who’s a fantastic director. It got messy. I was dancing in oil, I had fiber glass on my butt, I was cut, I was bruised, so I really went through the walls for the video. I wanted to give it my best so we can get an amazing visual to match the song.

Jon: Yeah! I’m so excited to see it and I’m sure others can’t wait as well. It’s going to kind of be like your first major official video.

Neon: Yeah, I wasn’t use to the big production. I’m use to doing a lot of things myself usually, like dressing myself, doing my hair, my makeup. Having everyone there help me and do it for me was something I’m not quite use to but it was really nice.

Jon: Yay! That’s good to hear. I saw all the pictures you were tweeting and everything looks so good. I can’t wait.

Neon: It was crazy, I’m excited.

Jon: I’m sure will see that in a few weeks?

Neon: Yeah, it should be within the next few weeks. I’ll be keeping everyone posted on my twitter.

Jon: Perfect! Then this will obviously lead into your debut album Beg, Borrow, and Steal.

Neon: Exactly. Right now we’re focusing on “Ass Back Home” and then “Fuck U Betta.” The album should be coming out during the summer.

Jon: Good good. Is the album done?

Neon: Yeah, we’re just finishing up. I have it pretty much done, I’m working on finishing one more song and then we’re just going to do the interludes and tighten up the loose ends. After that we just have to do the artwork for it.

Jon: Sounds like everything is moving along nicely. It’s your first album, you must be excited.

Neon: Of course! It’s been a life long wait for me, I feel like I’ve been working on it my entire life. The lifestyle that I’ve led, all the inspiration I’ve had, it’s all put into this album. I’m really excited to share it with the world.

Jon: Yay! Good. The songs you’ve put out so far like: Bad Dog, Get Over U, Silly Girl, Poison with Love; they’re all so different from each other. If you wanted to describe them as one genre, you could just probably say pop but they are infused with different influences. I don’t think we can fit you into a box. Was that something you wanted to get across?

Neon: You can call anything pop these days. I have a lot of different inspirations and a lot of different emotions. My voice is probably the only continuity within the songs but there is a lot of different styles between the tracks. Different songs but they fit together on the album.

Jon: Yeah, exactly. Was that important? To get a mixture of everything?

Neon: Yeah, it’s kind of a mixture of everything. There are hip-hop and world influences and I like things to be a bit shagadelic but generally it’s all pop. It’s me.

Jon: Great! I know Benny Blanco is the executive producer; Did you work with any other producers?

Neon: Yeah, Benny executive produced and I also worked with Greg Kurstin who did “Poison with Love” and some beautiful ballads and I also worked with Rodney Jerkins. I didn’t work with too many producers because I wanted to keep the sound quite tight. I didn’t want a mixture of all very different productions so I kept the producers to a minimum.

Jon: I think that always works out for the better so that’s great to hear. I’ve been reading about you for awhile and I know you’ve been working behind the scenes for a bit. You’re finally doing your stuff so I know this is a great time for you.

Neon: Yeah, I’ve been in school basically. I’ve been introduced to the music industry by Benny Blanco, he has taught me so much, and I’ve gain a lot of experience. I’m written for Ke$ha, I’ve been given opportunities to collaborate with all these amazing writers, and that has taught me everything I need to know to be my own artist. It’s all led up to now and it feels wonderful.

Jon: That’s amazing. So you’re ready right?

Neon: [Laughs] Oh, of course I am. I was born ready.

Jon: [Laughs] Good! I’m excited. It seems like you have everything planned out nicely.

Neon: Yeah, I’m actually pretty mentally organized. I don’t know if people can tell but my brain is constantly ticking. I have a plan but it’s just all about executing the plan.

Jon: [Laughs] I’m sure you’ll get it. I wanted to ask you about your style inspiration. I feel like it really helps you stand out. It’s very distinct. What are some of your style influences?

Neon: I think my mom is my biggest inspiration and honestly, my upbringing. Growing up in a bus and traveling the world without any money and having to make my own clothes has a lot to do with it. My mom is a very inspiring woman. She’s just a wild hippie lady who would make her own jewelery and I was always inspired by her.

Jon: Yeah. I think you have an amazing story and It’s great to know that its inspired you so much.

Neon: Yeah, Thank you. Its definitely helped.

Jon: Yay! Well that was pretty much it but I’m super excited for everything that is going on. I can’t wait until more people hear the single and it gets out there. I feel like it’s the calm before the storm.

Neon: Yeah! It’s not too clam but I totally get what you’re saying. It’s kind of calm but I feel like my life is never that calm [Laughs].

Jon: Exactly! When it starts to be then we have a problem. Anyway, thanks again for taking time with me. You’re wonderful!

Neon: Thank you very much Jon. Take care!

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