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Amber Rose: ‘Loaded’

Just last month, Amber Rose debuted her very first venture into music “Fame” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Over the weekend the model-turned-singer decided to share another track titled “Loaded!” While many may have been surprised by the sweetness of “Fame,” then prepare to forget all about it with “Loaded.” Amber surprises with this electro-pop cut produced by The Crew and made for the dance floor. “Loaded” is the definition of pop trash, it’s so bad that its good. I can’t be mad at that beat. What do you guys think?




  2. Sounds like a Ke$ha song with a “Sexy and I Know it” Remixed beat.

  3. well she’s just lucky she’s gorgeous and loaded. The beat is sick. Not too impressed with the vocals.


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  5. Can she go die please? Music does not need this trash.

  6. Oh God. No. Just no. A terrible Ke$ha ripoff.

  7. I hate myself right now but I’m kind of feeling this… lol. :S

  8. The instrumental is the saving grace of this because the vocals are CRINGEWORTHY.

  9. I like Amber Rose, but ugh i hate that i like this.

  10. This song is going to be a HIT, the vocals are a hotmess but that’s what makes the song…it’s just the style of which she decided to sing the song and I think it fits the theme (it’s simple, it’s cheap, it’s fun), and the beat is sick, definitely see me dancing to this in the clubs : D

  11. This sounds like Robyn! Anyone else getting that vibe?

  12. I want to hate it so much but, it’s catchy and the beat just makes you want to dance.Does it sound like a song by The Millionaires to anyone else??

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