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Melanie Amaro Covers ‘Respect’ For Pepsi Commercial!

Just a few months ago, Melanie Amaro was crowned the winner of the first season of the X Factor U.S. The win secured the 19-year-old singer a $5 million recording contract with Syco Music and Epic Records as well as a Pepsi commercial set to debut at the 2012 Super Bowl. Melanie recently shot the medieval themed commercial with Sir Elton John and we’re just days away from seeing the premiere this Sunday. It will feature Melanie‘s pumped up rendition of Aretha Franklin‘s classic “Respect.” Check out the behind the scenes video below, Enjoy!

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  • number1k9

    Coke > Pepsi
    American Idol > X Factor US

    Why did they have her giving so much props to Pepsi as a drink during this promo! ! ! We get it you have to make it seem like you like Pepsi! Edited this really odd.

    Idea/concept seems rather odd and stupid IMO.

      • number1k9

        Yeah NO SHIT! It still came off really fake for her to be like “oohhh and i get to sip on this really good Pepsi all day.” [or whatever she said similarly]

        Its not like its Grey Goose, Ciroc, etc. It’s a freaking Pepsi….

        In my opinion for them to force her to say those lines about how it being good, SIMPLY for this YouTube promo, not IN the commercial was poor edited and direction, bc it seemed so ingenuine.

        • CHEEZE

          Its not like she has a choice, its her job, just like other celebrities who are being used in advertising. They are getting P-A-I-D for it, doesn’t matter if they like or dislike it. Anyone who is advertising for any type of commercial aren’t being FORCED. No gun is pointed to their head, they’re doing it for the money and to put their faces on TV to sell the item.

  • Cheeze

    She has such an amazing voice. The thing about “American Idol > X Factor”, in my opinion, isn’t true because Melanie has such a stronger voice than the winner of AI Scotty. I do dislike the two shows because its been doing over and over again, but I’d rather prefer Melanie over Scotty; Talent-wise.

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