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Song of the Week: Afrojack & Shermanology ‘Can’t Stop Me’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Grammy Award winning producer, Afrojack! The 24-year-old Dutch DJ recently released his new collaboration “Can’t Stop Me” with disco duo Shermanology and it’s pretty much been on repeat since. Afrojack lovers have been awaiting the official release for a couple months after low-quality rips have been circulating the web and I’m sure they’re as happy as I am to finally have it. The track is bursting with enjoy and straddles the line between electro house and mainstream dance-pop. If this doesn’t make you want to dance then I really don’t know what will. I have a feeling this ones going to be everywhere. Just wait! Be sure to check it out, Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Can’t Stop Me (Club Mix)


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