Girls’ Generation Make U.S Debut on David Letterman!

Last night, Korean girl group Girls’ Generation made history on The Late Show with David Letterman. They’ve become one of the first girl groups to ever perform live on a U.S television show. How did they do? Well what seemed to start off as a shaky performance quickly turned into a complete wig snatching performance. Performing a brand-new rendition of current single “The Boys,” the girls delivered with their fierce choreography and solid vocals (for the most part). Even though they were crammed onto that tiny stage, they handled it like professionals. You don’t see these kinds of performances here anymore. I thought they slayed. What do you guys think?

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  1. Joe

    I’ve been foloowing these girls for the last couple years. I first heard of them when they did a Ke$ha demo called ‘Run Devil Run’. And for this performance they really brought it. I think they did a fantastic job and im glad they came to america. I hope they do well sales wise, we could use an actually talented girl group here.

    1. John Danielson

      You have that backwards. Ke$ha did a guided demo of a song that she and her label chose not to buy, which was her loss. (Not that she did the song justice anyway, not really her style.) SM Entertainment bought the song for Girls’ Generation later.

      Even if you don’t like their songs or the dance-focused pop group act, you will not find a group that performs their respective act better anywhere in the US, maybe the world.

  2. Alec

    When I first heard they were coming to America I screamed! Literally. I have loved them since I first heard Gee. They are infectious and something about them a whole is so great! This was a killer performance. I mean it’s better then Lana Del Rey’s American television debut… These girls have talent and I was slayed!

  3. Emmy

    The performance was really entertaining! This is K-Pop so I guess you have to accept that sometimes, lyrics don’t matter that much…

  4. Nick

    I casually follow the girls, and while they are all definitely gorgeous and a few are pretty talented, the lyrics to this song are whack… “I know life is a mystery, I’m gonna make history”?!?! REALLY?!?! English native-speakers would sound stupid singing that…

  5. Derrick

    Really??? they can’t dance sexy if their lives depended on it, they’re HOT in korea, but here they’re just wack. The song is awful, no energy and voice power. NEXT

  6. Zowe

    THEY ARE BLOODY AWESOME..just so you know…they are the leading south korean female group…and their youtube videos have received more than 20 million hits who cares if they didnt make it through US..they have definitely dominated the music industry…

    I love every member of Girls generation and will defend them to my grave..=)

    xoxo…from an international SONE

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