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Song of the Week: Rusko ‘Somebody To Love’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Christopher Mercer, who is more commonly known as: Rusko! The English record producer and DJ is getting ready to release his new album Songs on March 27th and I can’t get the first single, “Somebody To Love,” out of my head. The track has a classic house feel and a instantly memorable chorus with Ruskoβ€˜s natural dub step influence, its a formula too good to pass up. I’ve included Sigma‘s remix of the track below, which is the only official remix. Also be sure to check out the video because I absolutely adore it. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)

BUY Rusko’s new single “Somebody To Love” on iTunes NOW!



  1. I am PRAYING that his song with Rihanna that he played at Identity Fest is on the album!

  2. LOVED that video! Made me like the song, thanks πŸ™‚

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