Evanescence: ‘My Heart Is Broken’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Evanescence‘s latest single “My Heart Is Broken!” The track serves as the second official single from their self-titled third studio album, out now. In the Dean Karr-directed video, Amy Lee uses her inspiration of horror film Paperhouse for the concept. “It’s about a young girl who creates vivid dream worlds to escape the harsh reality of everyday life only to eventually realize she’s stuck in those dreams,” Amy told MTV. “Inspiration that certainly resonates with the song’s lyrics, which are very much about being trapped in a dark, desolate place and trying to free one’s self despite mounting evidence to the contrary.” What do you guys think?

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  • Louis

    Evanescence are good / Amy Lee is good. The thing is, every song sounds the same…this could just as easily be Bring Me To Life…and all their songs are like that

  • Rob

    Well, lets be honest… Bring Me to Life was their last major hit… So I don’t blame them for trying to re-create it… but… I doubt they are going to go anywhere with this single…

  • EvFan

    People who say all Evanescence songs sound the same must have only heard 1 or 2 songs by them. I know all their songs by heart and they’re different in all levels (melody, lyrics, theme, sound effects). Not only that, but also each album has a different sound and direction than the others. The fans can easily notice how the sound of Evanescence has evolved since their first demos years, to ‘Origin’ (a rare diamond), to ‘Fallen’ (an unforgettable album), to ‘The Open Door’ (a musical masterpiece), to now the self-titled album ‘Evanescence’ (a mature and amazingly dark and heavy sound).

    My Heart Is Broken is a very emotional song. I love how Amy feels what she sings and honestly shows it in the video, it just made the song reach an even higher level of emotions. I cried when I first heard the song, and I cried when I first saw the video. Such pure feelings are very hard to find nowadays. Great job Evanescence, I can’t wait for the 3rd single Made Of Stone! Rock on!

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