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Song of the Week: Kazaky ‘Dance and Change’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from Ukrainian dance group, Kazaky! They’ve recently premiered the video for their new single “Dance and Change” and its literally been stuck in my head for days. The lyrics, as always, are kept to a minimum but it works laced over the hot electronic house beat. The-Alan Badoev directed video is really what I’m raving about. It’s hot, futuristic, slick, and the choreography is simply perfection. Hot boys, hot beat, hot dancing. What more do you need?

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  1. My problem with Kazaky is that their vocals and lyrics suck, and all their songs lack an addictive chorus or hook that brings me back for me.

  2. I agree that they need better hooks but that video is incredible!

  3. I love the beat. I love the hotness of the video. I got a boner. LOL! :))

  4. man why can’t other pop artists be this awesome.

  5. They can have 10 more wonderful videos like this one, artistic and amazing and I’ll watch them for ages but I don’t see me playing their music on my Ipod, is not catchy is just simply not good without the video, they need to improve their voices really quick if they want to be in the spotlight more than 15 min

  6. Rumor has it that Gaga is planing to do something with this guys

  7. 0_0 do they tour?! I’ve never heard of them before, thank so much Ali. I’m in love! This video is bombbb

  8. Their lyrics are consistently terrible- something maybe getting lost in translation- but I love everything else about these guys!

  9. Ugh these are not artists, they are high-end male prostitutes. I’m embarrassed watching this…

  10. what the fuck did I just watch

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