Stooshe: ‘Love Me’ Featuring Travie McCoy Official Video!

Yesterday, rising British pop trio Stooshe premiered the video for their debut single “Love Me” featuring Travie McCoy. Alexandra, Karis and Courtney have been creating some strong buzz in the UK and are the only girl group listed on BBC’s Sound of 2012 longlist. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t really pay any attention to them up until now. Previously released as the raunchier “Fuck Me,” their debut single is filled with funk, sass, and loads of personality. These girls are a lot of fun and could very well be the next big British girl group. Only time will tell. What do you guys think?

DOWNLOAD: Love Me (Featuring Travie McCoy)

Stooshe will release their debut single “Love Me” w/ Travie McCoy in the UK on March 5th!


  1. CG GIrl

    Didn’t like the song but vocal wise they seem to have potential. They just need to change their music style. Their music and video sounds cheesy like it’s being produced for broadway. And they need to get makeovers asap! And finally stop talking throughout the song lol it got really annoying at the end! I love the Saturdays. I don’t know why their current album charted so low but they are the # 1 girl band for me!

  2. sparked2k5

    “Fuck Me” is better. 1) because Trav McCoy is nowhere near it and 2) because it’s unique and fresh. like Stooshe.

  3. 9021O

    HAHAA This will Blow America Away!! they will be like WTF but with proper management they’ll last longer than a 1 hit wonder

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