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Frankmusik Becomes Vincent Did It & Releases ‘So You’re Alive’!

Shortly after the release of his sophomore album Do it in the AM, Frankmusik announced that he had parted ways with his record label. Now in a transitional period of his career, Frank has decided to move forward as Vincent Did It. The 26-year-old electro-pop musician has just released his debut video for “So You’re Alive” with an EP set to follow soon. The brand-new track reminds us all why we were into Vincent in the first place. It’s a fresh start and he is taking on full control. It’s a shady business but it’s great to see artist like Vince not loosing any hope. He’s got my support. Also included: New track Dynamo. What do you guys think?


  • Chad

    I’d been seeing these inflammatory tweets from him on Twitter, but didn’t know why. It’s a shame that his label dropped him. I’ll always love “Frankmusik”… glad Vince is continuing on his own…

  • CG GIrl

    I think Frankmusik or Vicent Did It can sing, but this new music sounds dated and cheesy. He needs to put HIS stamp on electronic music and make it unique and current. If he is plans on releasing music here-this type of music will have everyone calling him a flop. I also think he moves too fast. He doesn’t even have a big name in the UK but he tries to release music here in America where he has no promotion and barely anyone knows him. I think if he can get a good marketing team and focus on making his music better (perhaps a singer songwriter) he will do better.

  • reone

    I liked his old name as well. I really like “So You’re Alive”. To me it reminds me of the style that he had a long time ago, the style that initially drew me to him, but it’s with a new approach. I liked the song first listen but I can see it having to grow on people overall.

  • London

    CG GIRL – Frankmusik/VDI is not unique? Put his stamp on it? Name one person out there who sounds like him, who has been around as long as him and isn’t an imitator. I think you’ll find it difficult.

    I really like Dynamo and I think it’s a brilliant return to form, and at the same time it’s a natural progression of his original sound.

    And CG GIRL, he has already tried changing his sound to make it in America… that is exactly why he “flopped”, his record label dropped him and a lot of fans like me lost interest. He needs to be true to himself and it sounds like he’s doing just that. I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Ashlee

    Was so sad to read that he has been dropped as well but happy that he is still doing his thing. I’ve always loved his voice so I’m excited for more 🙂

  • CG GIrl

    @ London ^

    London no one sounds like him because this music is an exact reincarnation of 80’s new wave music. His music is very dated. It’s okay to incorporate these different type of genres in your music but not go back to it. This music has already been done before and not many artists are doing it because the music trends has change while still keeping influences from the 80’s.

    I think some of the beats are nice and his voice is really good but he needs to make it more modern and original. I think if he becomes a song writer he will hit music goal (confusion girl-loved that song and probably his biggest hit to date).

    I’m not putting him down because I love electronic and dance music and I think he’s really talented. I just don’t like sugar coating anything. He has to stay true to himself and I was just saying if he wants to go in this field, I think he needs to hear some constructive criticism from fans who like him and want to see him succeed.

    Anyways everything I say on the site is just my genuine opinion-it’s not the Bible-and I don’t say things to upset people or be controversial. I know sometimes I can sound harsh but it’s never to put anyone down. It’s just my opinion.

  • Sean


    CherryTree had the WRONG idea for his career. It was embarrassing. The new tracks are back to the innovative artist and producer he was on “Complete Me.”

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