Lana Del Rey: Live on Saturday Night Live! (1.14.12)

Last night, Lana Del Rey made her U.S television debut as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter is one of a shortlist of artists to nab the coveted slot before releasing their debut album. Del Rey was visibly nervous as she performed her breakout hit “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans“. It definitely wasn’t her best night vocally but she had some great moments and looked gorgeous, as per usual. Watch the performances below, Enjoy!

Video Games

Can’t view the video above? CLICK HERE

Blue Jeans

Can’t view the video above? CLICK HERE

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  1. holograms hater

    Can she be more boring and uncharismatic? It’s as exciting as watching beige dry. She is the archtypical anorexic Lady Who Lunch. She oozes manufactured formulaic product through every pore of her botoxed skin. For trendies this must be their Lady GaGa. And don’t let me even start with those collagen injected lips… please, some personality back in music! She has the personality of a hologram

  2. M7md

    I LOVE Lana Del Rey! I really do love her ..
    but she doesn’t have to make that man voice like the on in the beginning of Blue Jeans performance ..
    I love her. She looks hot. She sounded great on the choruses.
    Hope she makes some progress.
    Thanks Jon.

  3. Mikey

    Don’t judge from these performances.. she has some great live vids! Can you imagine performing on SNL so early on in your career? Anybody would choke. And either way, I still am captivated by her.. She’s so fresh and intriguing.

  4. Stephanie

    I wanted to cry for her after watching these performances. I love her and am waiting for her album to come out. Please everyone don’t judge by these performances. Youtube her other live performances and you will see this is not the norm for her. Yes, it was horrible, and I think she just was not ready for that big of a stage. I pray this does not hurt her here in the U.S. because i was looking for her to be the next big thing in 2012. I still love her, and feel so bad for her that she messed up like this on her first u.s. performance! love her though!

  5. Sean

    I have no idea why she’s chosen so pronounce every word like she has a speech impediment. Paired with the sudden shifts in tone quality and bizarre note choices….I found the whole thing almost disturbing. It honestly seemed like a parody.

  6. Dan

    I want to like her but… I’m just not sold. She seemed very nervous and it definitely affected her performance. Her voice was very shakey…

    Basically, if this was American Idol she wouldn’t have made it Hollywood.

    I am a fan, but it’s just hard to LOVE her… we’ll see!

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