Alexandra Burke: ‘Elephant’ Single Premiere!

Alexandra Burke is finally ready to make her return with the premiere of her brand-new single “Elephant!” The Erick Morillo-produced track will serve as the lead single from her upcoming second studio album, which is due out later this year. After premiering the Sympho Nympho remix last week, many have been anticipating to hear the original. The good news is that “Elephant” is an absolute dance banger and it will for sure be a big hit for Alexandra. I’m already obsessed. Check out the radio premiere below! What do you guys think?

Alexandra Burke will officially release her new single “Elephant” in the UK on March 11th!


  1. CG GIrl

    Like the power and soul in her voice. I always liked Alex. Is her dub step better than Britney or is anyone for that matter ? Not really, but the song is just a decent good. I will definitely be working out to this song. Thank you Jon!

  2. 9021O

    awesome song!!!! reminds me of a lil Whitney houston dance songs she did in 1999- 2000. Sorry CgGirl but ur response about the Britney comparison I don’t see it. has nothing to do with Alexandra. Two different songs to me.

  3. Andrew

    i kind of hate it…really sad. Bad Boys was a great route for her i thought. She has such a good voice but it is not being shown here. Hopefully i will hear more raw vocal pop coming up. She isnt britney, she can sing.

  4. Newbie

    This song could be about a boner. But I think this song is about the saying about the elephant in the room. This means there is a big problem that the individuals should address but choose to neglect knowing that it’s there.

  5. Topher

    I like it a lot. To address what someone said about auto tune: I agree with you that auto tune is overused and some artists don’t need it because they have vocal talent. However, I will say that autotune does, at times, make a song better like in this case. It’s a dance song so therefore, I’m not mad autotune was used. Now, if her whole album is autotuned, then we have a problem!

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