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The Wanted Make Their U.S TV Debut on Ellen!

Yesterday, British boy band The Wanted taped their very first U.S performance of “Glad You Came” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Their appearance will air this afternoon but if you’re impatient like me, you can watch it now. They totally smashed it! With “Glad You Came” currently making the rounds on radio and the boys touring, it seems they’re on their way to fare quite well here in the U.S. In case you missed it, check out my quick interview with Max from when I saw the boys last October. Do you think the Wanted have what it takes to crack the U.S?

BUY The Wanted’s current US single “Glad You Came” on iTunes NOW!


  • Dan

    They may have a radio hit or two, but I dont think they will be filling up their own tour anytime soon. The U.S. likes boy bands that dance and do more than just singing. I believe thats why Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake were so big, because they not only offered catchy songs, but moves to go with them. Of course Im not saying that Bieber is on the same level as Timberlake,Im just saying that they both have quite a large following because they are so entertaining.

  • Adam

    I think this was a great way to start their appearances in the US and I can definitely hear this song being played on the radio. I wish them the best!

  • 9021O

    Sorry Dan I disagree America LOVES singers more than anything right now. with X factor, the voice, american Idol, all u gotta do is sing good. you don’t even have to be cute anymore. This is an awesome performance and yes a debut for sure for people that haven’e heard them on the radio yet or have a face to the song they heard. If management works well the Wanted could be a major success in the US.

  • number1k9

    Really liked the song since I heard it on KIIS FM in LA. Song is good, but I don’t think boy bands, especially ones from over seas are going to be super successful, if they even manage to be mily successful in the U.S.

    We’ll see in time.

  • Mike

    I’m not sure if the wanted will do well in america, I think one direction might have a chance because they’re still very young. But I’m a little bias so let’s wait and see.

  • Andrew

    I felt the performance was awkward especially at the beginning, one guy is singing, and the rest of the group are like.. standing there? they need to dance more I guess or something

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