Jessie J: ‘Domino’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Jessie J‘s latest single “Domino!” The Dr. Luke-produced track serves as the second official U.S single from the re-release of debut studio album, Who You Are. The 23-year-old English singer-songwriter decided the Ray Kay-directed clip after Christmas as a gift to fans. There isn’t much to it but its a lot of fun and features Jessie in variety of colorful wigs and outfits. I enjoyed it. What do you guys think?

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  1. I love Jessie J. She is one of the best new artists of the last year or so. Love the video, sometimes simplicity is the best.

  2. I thought it would have a more romantic video. This fashion show leaves the major role for the music itself. It’s okay.

  3. I love love love this track. She is still so underappreciated here in the US. It’s like a track from Teenage Dream but the vocals are 1000000x better than Katy’s. 🙂

  4. I love her and this video, but the only issue is that this bitch is too damn thin.

  5. i prefer who you are more than this song

  6. I do like Jessie J, but she has a mean look to her that is off putting. IMHO, if you’re going to sing a song with a sound closely associated to Katy Perry, you probably shouldn’t wear a blue wig – gives haters the fuel to call you a copy cat.

  7. Recession speacial?

    Mediocre at best. Videos back in the day used to excite ppl, and make them wanna watch em over and over or see em on TRL n such, DAILY! Now days artists make and release music videos that ppl see once, and never wanna see again… Case in point ^ ^ ^.

  8. Generic mess

  9. nice one! xD

  10. Thought the video was a bit too busy. I love her style, however, I want her to change up the hairstyle. I’m a little over the bob with bangs. I’m ready for something new.

    1. Def agree, her same wig, in diff colors is SO BORING!

  11. I can’t deny she has talent but as an artist, she bores me. The song is just a Katie Perry reject, though a good one at that. There’s nothing exciting or interesting about the video – it’s colorful and slick but very forgettable and just gives the impression that Jessie J is the Poor Man’s Katy Perry. She needs a new USP and direction. I wish she had continued down the route of Do It Like A Dude – more in your face, harder and edgier. But she’s shown she’s just fluff.

    PS: I’m not a Katy Perry fan!

  12. SAD, cheap Katy perry, she reached a new low

    1. this girl sings SO MUCH BETTER than Katy Perry…

  13. – My friend also agreed that the video was bad check out his review at

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