Rihanna: ‘You Da One’ Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Rihanna‘s latest single “You Da One!” The Dr. Luke-produced track serves as the second official single from her sixth studio album “Talk That Talk” out now. Rihanna returned to London to film the video directed by Melina Matsoukas, who shes teamed up with once again. RiRi rocks various blonde wigs and pays homage to Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange. I liked how the lyrics were flashing throughout the video, it reminded me of the albums artwork. What do you guys think?

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  • Mr. Shallots

    My review on my blog: (

    For her second single off Talk That Talk, Rihanna sports off a blonde do, just another one of her fabulous transformations and she pulls it off just like every other sexy hair-do of hers. If you’re expecting something as big and youthful and exciting as her vid for We Found Love, then you’ll be severely disappointed. This is much more toned down and much more intimate – its a predominantly black and white video which kinda tones down the exuberance on its own anyway.

    In the first minute, I was quite pleased with what I was seeing – a very elegant video which showed off Rihanna’s sexiness but in a nice and modest way and a very professional looking music video, right up until the halfway point. As we started to get more into the video, it started to somewhat feel repetitive and having no sense of direction. It was like watching a ticking time bomb that just never exploded. You know when you watch a Leona Lewis performance and she always builds it up til she finally explodes on the bride of the song and you instantly feel a sense of reprimand and suddenly get goosebumps crawling up and down your arms and thighs? Well yeah, that didnt happen. I have to say though, this actually was one of Rihanna’s least sexed up vids, which can be a good thing. I think she was definitely going for the toned down and more relaxed feel, which in her defense, does quite adequately resemble the laid back Carribean feel of the songs melody, so thumbs up for her on that. But like I said, as we delve more into the video, not only does it feel like a gif image being played on a loop, but the entire video just loses it essence – I start to get annoyed by the random text splattering over the screen, almost to the point where its too much and too distracting and almost too tacky in a way. I think the text does definitely add some texture to the already dull video, but I think there is way too much of it, maybe if it were just subtle texts appearing every now and then but its consistency just became repulsive.

    Overall, it’s not her best video, but its also not her worst. I will give it kudos for following the songs brief and for going in a different direction compared to her previous videos. I guess you can’t always have magnificent videos, you have to show all sides of yourself as an artist and one not so great video will make her great videos look even greater in comparison, so a great music video all round. What do you think?

  • James

    I had high hopes for this music video but was let down. I think she was watching too many new Beyonce music videos. becuase they are both posting music videos that are shit. There is too much crotch grabing/touching. I am surprised she didn’t fuck her self towards the end.

  • Scott

    I thought it was shot in London, not Ireland? Or at least she said in that BTS video “We’re here in London and it’s raining”. lmao.

  • Levi

    The video is waaaaay too dark for the song. You Da One is so bright and poppy, but this video is dark and sexy. I don’t really like it.

  • paul

    if this vid wouldnt had came just after the best music video in history (in my humble opinion), i would had thought its GREAT without complaining. but thats hard to say after we found love. besides, its true that its a little too dark for the song.

  • Christopher

    Meh, this song should have never been released as a primary single, maybe one of the end ones right before a cd switch, but this song is just so, meh.

    Two songs should have definitely followed the epic-ness of We Found Love:
    Cockiness (I Like it)
    Where Have You Been

    Hopefully these two will be the next singles released. I LOVE Where Have You Been. Perfect companion to We Found Love.

  • mr.bouzou

    I have to agree with some comments: too much crotch grabing and to me she looks high on drugs in all the scenes… :/ however she does look fab with blond hair, I like the styling… waiting for where have you been… 🙂

  • London

    *COMPLETELY* agree with a lot of people above. Why does she have to grind up on EVERYTHING and grab her crotch all the time?! It’s getting real tired now. It’s just smutty, not sexy.

    Don’t get me wrong, she puts out some damn good music… just kind of bored with the attention-grabbing hyper-sexualised videos. Yeah we get it, you’re a hot b*tch. Now show us something different.

  • FaMe

    ya need to understand that that is her personality,shes edy, shes racy and she dosent give a fuck…..i mean damn do u guys want her to be like beyonce and act like shes not a freak…..theres NO pleasing americans, u always want wat u cant have, spoiled fucks.

  • FaMe

    Im srry but i cannot take Cockiness and where have you been as singles…..they”ll b extremely over played and they fit the radio to much…. i love the fact that theres a dark underlying theme because the song is too poppy and considering what shes doing visually in her videos it works.its not her worst, its one of her best!!!!!

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