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Nicki Minaj: ‘Stupid Hoe’ Single Premiere!

Nicki Minaj claims she is the “female Weezy” on brand-new track “Stupid Hoe” off her sophomore album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” due out on Valentine’s Day (February 14). After releasing “Roman In Moscow,” Nicki keeps the buzz going with this new cut which also sees her using Jennifer Aniston as a metaphor and more. “Stupid hoes is my enemy. Stupid hoes is so wack. Stupid hoes shoulda befriended me… then she coulda probably came back.” I wonder who that is about? LOL. Videos for both tracks are set to premiere in the new year. What do you guys think?

DOWNLOAD: Stupid Hoe

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  • SingMeToReason

    I’m such a huge fan of hers, and even though Roman in Moscow gets a lot of trash talk, I defend it cuz it’s simply for buzz. But my fingers are crossed that this doesn’t make the cut, or is a bonus track because I’m really disappointed…

    • xx

      Same. Huge fan and I think this is subpar. She seems to be reusing a lot of metaphors, lines, and general phrases recently. I don’t think she’s using her new level of fame to her advantage in terms of coming out with material that will sustain the hype and respect for her work the way Drake’s “Take Care” shows amazing growth since “Thank Me Later”.

      In terms of reusing lines, sometimes part of the lyric is her mentioning that she’s already said it, but I don’t think that makes it okay to do it so frequently. Examples:

      1. “[told you bitches last year] I’m a rap b-tch nightmare” from “Roman In Moscow” vs.
      “I’m a rap b-tch nightmare” from “Sweet Dreams (Remix) (feat. Lil Wayne)

      2. “Tell ’em “Pussy clean!”, I tell ’em “Pussy squeaky!” from “Dance (Ass)” vs.
      “This p-ssy clean, this p-ssy squeaky” from “Y U Mad”

      3. “Bitches play the back cause they know I’m the front man” from “Stupid Hoe” vs.
      “You play the back, bitch I’m in the front” from “Roman’s Revenge”

      Aside from similar lines, she’s referring to similar topics. She mentions Michael Jackson in “Roman in Moscow” and this song “Stupid Hoe”. And of course, we all know she’s dissing Lil Kim in most of these lines.

      I just want her to reach above all this. I understand part of why we love Nicki Minaj is cause she’s crazy but it wouldn’t hurt to have a song or two about different things, introspective, thoughtful. That’s just my opinion.

  • Ricky

    omg this is so bad, and this is coming from a Nicki fan.

    1. Way too much of the stupid weird voice, and normally it doesnt bother me.
    2. Dragging out a word for 45 minutes again? You did that in Dance (A$$) and Moscow. Stop.
    3. Can we not with the Lil Kim talk again? That shit is so old.
    4. The beat sucks! Unoriginal as hell.


    • Aaron

      Ok i just finished the song and i mad a mistake .. wtf nicki now your the stupid hoe for making a dumb ass song. if all of your song on your new album is like this . FAIL

  • Patrick

    This is BAD! Its like a hot mess and makes me wonder if she used up the last of her star dust on Superbass…….This is the WRONG direction she needs to be going. Too bad Nicki.

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