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Katy Perry: ‘The One That Got Away’ (Remix) Featuring B.o.B!

Katy Perry is doing everything she possibly can to make her latest single “The One That Got Away” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter has made various television appearances, marked down the digital price to 69 cents, and even hosted Saturday Night Live. Now she has enlisted rapper B.o.B to hop on her sixth single from “Teenage Dream” in hopes of smashing Michael Jackson’s record for most #1 singles from one album. I commend Katy and her team for all their efforts but this remix does absolutely nothing for me. Oh Katy, I am judging you. What do you guys think?

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  • Ricky

    Besides the fact that this is SUCH a desperate move on her teams part, BOB? Really? You think having HIM on a remix is going to do anything?

    You need a big name. Like Rihanna or something. Not fucking Bob. Nobody cares about his ass. SO dumb.

  • Sean


    Last Friday Night didn’t need a cheap remix to go number one and neither does this. I know this has very little to do with Katy and more to do with her label. She’s the only artist on their roster keeping them afloat, of course they’re going to milk it. But this is really unnecessary.

    Oh well. Still like the girl.

  • DJH

    She’s disgusting and desperate. Records mean nothing anymore obviously with technology these days it’s a lot easier to get your music out there, and manipulate the listeners like this b*tch is doing. It’s all about the money for her, and it’s obvious.

    • Allie

      Everything tactic she’s used has been legal and legitimate. Katy is not the only one guilty for remixing (J Lo, Mariah, Britney, Rihanna etc.) her singles or slashing their prices (even MICHAEL JACKSON did this).

  • Ryan

    I don’t think she needed a remix of this song either…it did really well by itself. if she were to get someone to help with the remix, I agree with Ricky. she should have gotten Rihanna or someone else big, maybe Nicki. either way, I don’t think the remix heps the song especially with B.O.B.

  • themusicprophet

    While I think her ‘E.T’ remix with Kanye was decent …. her LFN remix with Missy was pushing it …. This one is just embarrassing. That rap sounds legit until it stops and sloppily shifts into the ballad version of the song. Terrible editing …. This is just making Perry look utterly desperate. If I were here i’d stop.

  • Mighty B

    B.o.B. is a GREAT rapper. Just because he’s not blowing up all over the radio doesn’t mean that people don’t like him.
    This sadly, doesn’t do anything for me either. I agree, that if she wanted to get #1, she should of had a more popular name.

  • number1k9

    If Capitol wanted to remix this track, they should have gotten a feature from one of their own artists, hmmm. CHRIS MARTIN, of Coldplay!!?! That would have went with the song A LOT more than B.o.B

    The transitions are too dramatic too. Not to mention since this song aside from its beat IS a ballad, and B.o.B does sing, why didn’t they feature B.o.B as a vocalist not rapper?

    This Remix could have been so much better!

  • Jamie

    From wiki (I know anyone can edit it, but still…):

    “Capitol Records said that they are not specifically releasing the song in hopes of it reaching number one and re-writing Hot 100 history, rather the decision came out of “Perry’s fondness for the song, its ear-catching hook and her obvious track record of success at pop radio”

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. OK. Katy annoys me so much! And she needs to get on with a new era already, she’s milked TD enough. Seriously.

  • Michelle

    I hate it. The rap parts do not fit at all. She should have released an acoustic version of this song. I know that would not have helped with trying to gain another #1 but who cares about that. The song sounds so nice in acoustic.

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