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Nicole Scherzinger Debuts ‘Pretty’ on U.S X Factor!

Nicole Scherzinger hits the stage on US X Factor to premiere her new single “Pretty” from her oft-delayed debut album, “Killer Love.” The moody power-ballad serves as her third US single from her album which is now set for a release sometime next year. The audience seemed to really enjoy it but I’m not completely sold on the new track. Nicole was clearly really into it and delivered a solid performance. What do you guys think?


  • Steven

    “Tomorrow Never Dies” should have been third single.. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love everything Nicole.. but this is just plain.. nothing dynamo about it.

  • number1k9

    Song from the performance was rather un epic, boring, and expected. Seems like she is now trying to attack the Adele, more mature audience since her youthful attempts have all failed!

    I want her to come out with a U.S. single that is in the vein of “I Hate This Part,” ….but I guess her best IMO solo single to date, “Don’t Hold You’re Breath” was kind of similar to some degree, and that didn’t even catch on.

    She needs to reimage herself, or simply go back to being the lead singer of a girl group. I guess it is karma paying her back since she and whomever never shard the PCD vocals fairly.

    Still will wait for the studio track before making my final judgement.

    • Paul

      You really just like to critique.. Which is her previous single? WET, did she “tried to to attack Adele, more mature audience”, there? no. You just CANT make that hypothesis based in ONE performance.. Come on! She is just doing a performance that fits perfectly with the song.. And picking a ballad after Poison, Dont hold your breath, Wet and Try with me as a single is DEFINITLY not a good reason to make that pointless theory. After a lot of dance track always comes a ballad. I dont know, i just hate haters and people that just love to critique

      • number1k9

        @ PAUL
        Yes, I critiqued her and her performance. So the hell what! IT is my comment, my opinion.

        Exactly how it is my opinion how I believe after failed dance singles and 1 minor hit (one) she is trying something different, the ballad route. And yes, in my own words I called that her takign the Adele route, which is absolutely ture nowadays. Tell me what other Pop star today is releasing ballads…. Hmmmm, ADELE! It’s not like PCD or Nicol is even known for their/her ballads, so it is something new for her single wise.

        Well if you wanna get technical, you could conside her flop single in 2007 (which I actually liked) “Baby Love” a ballad. Regardless, prior to this “Pretty” song, it is obvious that Nicole was trying to become a Dance Pop star, like Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney, Gaga, etc.

  • MusicManDave

    I totally agree with NUMBER1K9. She needs to go back to the PCD’s. Whatever differences they had should be forgotten. They made great music together and Nicole screwed it up for herself and now paying the price. Love her but only with the PCD’s.

      • number1k9

        The music selection was better, single choices were better. Imaging was better. Must I go on. Doesn’t matter if she was the member who sang 90% of the vocals…

        PCD > Nicole Scherzinger

        • KaZaaKidd

          I think the biggest mistake Nicole has made with her career was being in a group that didn’t headline her name. It needed to have been “Nicole Scherzinger & The PCD.” They were literally backup dancers and backup dancers should never be on the same rank status as the actual artist.

          Now that she’s doing her own music, half the world doesn’t even realize that she was a PCD because no one knows any of their names.

  • oliver

    Hmmmm don’t like it much.. N she didnt sing it very well either.. Trying too hard.. I loved her song Right There but the others not so much..

  • xppdm

    this is such an addictive song! i love it! but she must return back to her urban – rnb roots! she has proven that she can sing everything better than anyone!

  • Windsor

    I think that the problem is Nicole doesn’t seem likable, and when you don’t have that likability factor then everything will be more difficult

  • Cory

    to number1k9…personally i dont care what peoples opinions are as there are millions of them..but i do have to say…u said she never was known for her ballads….what about stick with you, or i hate this part right here, pcd had several ballads that were very popular.

    • number1k9

      @ CORY

      Yes “Stickwitu” was the only ballad PCD released. And tho I love the song it is prob the single ppl least know PCD for.

      “I Hate This Part” was a mid-tempo, again one of my faves by them, BUT it was not a ballad! ! ! Now with a different beat, YES it could have been a ballad.

  • Matthew Smith

    Lyrically the song is brilliant; it’s an excellent play on words for the chorus. I also love the drums in this. But whether the studio version lives up to it.

  • J Love

    I absolutely love it!!!!! Please, please, please (!!!!!) post a download link for the studio version! As a Xmas gift? 🙂 Please?

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