Ashanti Returns with ‘The Woman You Love’ Featuring Busta Rhymes!

Ashanti is back! The former ‘Murder Inc’ princess of R&B is finally getting ready to release her fifth studio album early next year. The as-of-yet-untiteld album will be released via Ashanti’s own label Written Entertainment. Here we have the just premiered first single “The Woman You Love” Featuring Busta Rhymes. The track is classic Ashanti with its R&B flare and hip-hop-flavored beat. To my surprise, I’m actually really feeling it. What do you guys think?

BUY Ashanti’s new single “The Woman You Love” w/ Busta Rhymes on iTunes NOW!


  1. James

    I’m sorry but her new sound, sounds really very dated. With everything dance/club, this is very out of place and sounds very early 2000’s, actually sounds like an old Beyonce song from her early music.

  2. Ashlee

    Ashanti has never done dance music so why would she start now? It isn’t amazing by any means but its a solid track. I like the hip-hop edge.

  3. xtopher

    Love it! .. took a few listens but I’m glad shes not coming out wit the club overproduced shit that everyone else is.. This is HOT .. we’re missing good r&b/hiphop ! welcome back to the game ashanti!

  4. sharptone

    i think she sounds GREAT and i agree with Ashlee
    i am glad that she isnt jumping on the dance bandwagon.
    nothing wrong with dance music, love it, but tired of people just releasing dance tracks to try and get in on the action

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